Wednesday, December 6

Praying for international missions

Interested in specifically praying for international missions prayer requests during this week of prayer? Click here for a daily list of new prayer requests coming in from all over the world.

At the bottom of the page is a button to subscribe to CompassionNet. At CompassionNet there is a whole assortment of international prayer request/updates on a daily basis. Sign-up to receive as many different lists as you are interested in praying for, including Spanish missions prayer requests!

"Tell Me The Story of Jesus" is the theme this year for the week of praying for international missions. The following music video by the IMB-SBC reminds us all of why it is important to pray for missions. Does not the whole world deserve a chance to hear the story of Jesus? What would you sacrifice that all may hear?


Tim Rogers said...

Brother Guy,

Did you get my YouTube email?


GuyMuse said...


Nope. What was it? The YouTube video was uploaded from the IMB-SBC website and is the theme of this year's week of prayer for international missions. This is the song/video that they are using to promote the LMCO as I understand things.

GuyMuse said...


UPDATE: Got it! Yes, the young, good-looking missionary in the video is the one and the same "old guy" that blogs here!

I featured the video you sent me in an earlier post done in September (see blog archives at the right) by the same title "Building A Foundation On Prayer"

If you think about us, you might consider praying for Teleamigo that it would continue to be a tremendous blessing to seed planting here in Guayaquil.