Thursday, December 21

Things Jesus Never Said To Do

I often read John Umland's Umblog. In one of his posts John shares a list of things Jesus Never Said To Do.

*Go into all the world and build big buildings.

*Go into all the world and entertain the Christians.

*Go divide up into factions and constantly argue with each other.

*Go find people you can pay to go into all the world so you don't have to tell anyone yourself.

*Go into all the world that's easy to get to and will let you in without too much hassle.

*Go and elevate certain men above all the others and listen to them more than you listen to Me.

*Go into all the world and see what you can learn from them about how to influence people.

*Go get an education so you'll be thoroughly prepared by the theories and programs of Man before you go do what Jesus commanded.

*Go into all the world and learn to be just like them.

*Go into all the world and ignore all the poor people, recruit all the rich people, and then spend 95% of all the revenue on yourself and your own comforts.


Strider said...

Brutal. I love it.

Lew Ayotte said...

Good stuff...


Alyce Lee said...

Uncomfortable truth. Alyce

mr. t said...


Darrell said...

Rock On Bro!

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Guy,

Stopped at the store yesterday to get some gas and noticed soft drinks on sale. When I went to get my 2-24 packs of Mt. Dew for $6, I noticed they had Dr. Peppers on sale also. I thought of you and prayed that you and your family are doing well.

Isn't that amazing? Dr. Pepper's make me remember to pray for you. At this rate I am going to have to develop a tast for Dr. Pepper.


jpu said...

Thanks guy, but the hat tip goes too Diane who is quoting someone else. her link is
God is good

Alan Knox said...


Thank you for this post! It seems it may be more "normal" for us to do what Jesus didn't say... hmmm...


Jim said...

Good one - something there to bother everyone! :)

I especially like #5 - we've already done that one, so now we're trying to make excuses why we shouldn't go to the OTHER places (the expensive, uncomfortable places)!

Mark Wilson said...