Wednesday, July 25

Meet my wife

I'd like to take a break from the usual "M Blog" themes and introduce you to the most wonderful wife in the world, mother of our two children, and overall amazing person.

Linda has her own blog which she does completely on her own called A Foreign Life.

I would invite you to check it out and find out a bit about our home life in Ecuador, things God is teaching her, photos of our family, and some of her interests as a missionary wife and mother. She loves comments, so be sure and drop her a note!

Here is an excerpt from one of her recent posts...

It's really hard to put into words all the help and encouragement I received last week. There was just so much. There are, however, a couple of things that I wrote down to remember.

The first one is: "We have not been called to raise godly children, but to be godly parents." ...Dr. Meredith and his wife Kay were the kind of parents who basically did most everything right in raising their son. Yet, in spite of the godly instruction received all his life, the son became very depressed and rebelled against them and against God. Hearing about his experience with his children made me realize that I cannot make decisions for my child. I am responsible to God for what I do, not what my child does. My responsibility is to be a godly parent. I am responsible to God for what kind of parent I am, not for how my child chooses to respond to that.

It's hard to sit there and listen to testimonies from other miss'ys about their (what sounds like to me) "perfect teenagers." I am happy for them, but it always makes me feel like a failure because my children are not so perfect. Ds is struggling with life right now and most of the time doesn't do so well at it. He's angry with God and so his relationship to Him is not the best right now.

It helps me to hear that I am not alone in this. It's encouraging to find out that not all of my son's problems find their root in me as a parent. And that brings me to the second thing that made an impact on me.

Dr. Meredith's wife, Kay, gave a brief testimony and while sharing with us listed four things. She didn't elaborate on any of them, they were just things that she had learned. However, the first thing on her list of four things hit me between the eyes like a two by four! She said, "Too much introspection is deadly." I hardly heard the rest. She is so right! [To continue reading click here.]

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