Sunday, August 5

Teleamigo 14th Anniversary

Yesterday the Teleamigo ministry celebrated her 14th anniversary. Saturday morning we met for a time of thanksgiving to the Lord for all He has done over the past 14 years.

Literally thousands upon thousands of people have been touched and lives changed by this volunteer ministry that uses prayer and counseling to reach people for Christ. There are so many people to thank. So many whose lives, love, and offerings have gone into making Teleamigo the ministry that it is today.

As we sat in a circle, I was moved by all the stories of victory shared by people who are or have been a part of Teleamigo over the years. I was a "proud grandpa" as three different "grandchildren" ministries are today specializing in areas of helping people that go beyond what Teleamigo is able to offer. Each of the three leaders representing these ministries warmly shared how they "cut their teeth" with Teleamigo and today continue to impact people's lives with the love of Christ.

Jesus assured his disciples in John 14:12 "The one who believes in Me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father." How true!

Over the past fourteen years the "five loaves and two fish" offered to the Lord on August 3, 1993 have been abundantly blessed by Jesus Christ. What began as something so small and insignificant, has touched the lives of over 2.5-million people. Untold thousands have been helped...Tens of thousands prayed over...Marriages saved...Babies born instead of aborted...The abused forgiving those who have hurt them...Alcohol and drug addicts loved and ministered to... Families restored and reconciled...The hopeless encouraged...Hundreds accepting Christ as Lord and Savior. Only eternity will show the full impact this tiny ministry operating on a shoe-string budget has had on the lives of so many who live here in Guayaquil. To God be the Glory.

Here is a 3:22 video about Teleamigo done by the IMB a few years ago. Thanks for viewing and especially for praying for Teleamigo as we begin our 15th year of ministry.

To read past articles in this blog about Teleamigo, type in the word "teleamigo" at the top of the page in the search box.

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