Saturday, June 7

South America: Reached? Not Yet!

My wife, Linda, and I arrived this afternoon in Indianapolis for the annual meetings of the Southern Baptist Convention. We will be spending much of our time in and around the IMB booth helping elevate awareness of the spiritual needs in South America.

*Many people think South America has been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But this continent holds some of the remotest, darkest places on the face of the earth with virtually no way for the light of the Gospel to penetrate. This unthinkable tragedy exists as near to us as a three-hour plane flight!

For example, did you know...

There are 699 people groups in South America. Of these 699 people groups, 411 are unreached people groups (less than 2% evangelical.) Of these 411 UPG, IMB missionaries work among only 48. Of these 411 UPG 200 have no evangelical presence of any kind.

Did you know there are 85 unreached tribes in the Amazon Basin that have no contact with the outside world?

Did you know that of the total 378.7 million population in South America, 355 million are lost? Nine out of ten who die today will die without Christ.

Are you aware that 77% of the region's people live in cities?

Did you know that besides Spanish and Portuguese, 433 other languages are spoken in South America?

That of the 699 people groups represented in South America, IMB missionaries have only engaged 87 of them?

Roman Catholics 79%
Evangelical 6%
Traditional Ethnic/Spiritist 3%
Non-religious/Other 12%

The unreached of South America desperately need our fervent prayers, generous hearts and going feet to unlock their spiritual prisons. Are you willing to go and tell them God's passionate message of love and salvation? Will you pray away these nearly impenetrable Gospel barriers? Will you give generously to support fellow Southern Baptist who are investing their lives there in obedience to God's call?

Before clicking away to some other read, please take a few seconds to view this very short video on the unreached of the Amazon Basin entitled Hidden in the jungle. And then: pray.

*adapted from IMB literature, also please see and or call (800)999-3113


Kevin Bart said...

Hi Guy ... I've visited your blog before. We're in the Sao Paulo area of Brazil. Your statement says it all: "Did you know that of the total 378.7 million population in South America, 355 million are lost? Nine out of ten who die today will die without Christ." ... our hearts need to be broken by this, and not just for South America but for everywhere. Yes people need to pray, yes people need to give ... but many more people need to GO. Take care and God bless.

Frank (or Chip) said...

Since people will turn here to see needs...the Ecuadorian Province of Loja is less that a quarter of 1% evangelized. Someone take it on!

GuyMuse said...

Kevin and Frank,

Indeed S. America is a continent in need of the Lord. Many people assume it is reached, but as Frank points out, there are pockets of lostness that are incredible, even in a country like Ecuador where the Gospel has been around for more than 100 years. Pray the Lord of the Harvest for laborers!