Friday, May 15

Missions is...

Our training center for church planters is known as CAPCO (Centro de Apoyo para la Cosecha). On the wall is a large poster with these words:
MANOS que dan
RODILLAS que oran
PIES que van

HANDS that give
KNEES that pray
FEET that go

Which part are you? Hands that give? Knees that pray? Or, feet that go? In other words, how are you actively engaged in the task Christ gave to the church to make disciples of the nations?

In the following interview Ed Stetzer and Jerry Rankin get to the heart of Satan's most effective strategy for keeping missions out of the mainstream of most churches: spiritual warfare. More than any other strategy, the enemy keeps us distracted from being actively engaged in missions. Watch and see if you don't agree.


Alan Knox said...


You asked, "Which part are you? Hands that give? Knees that pray? Or, feet that go?" All of the above.


Matthew said...

Uncle Guy!
I always enjoy reading your make me think more! Right now I am in Braila, Romania on a team laying the foundation for a future ministry. We are doing evangelism, in-home Bible studies, and other work to prepare for a cell church network in this city of 300,000 people with almost no believers! How liberating when the the church is free to move back to the streets and houses! I hope to one day see this in action in Guayaquil also!

Tu hermano en la obra,

Mateo B.

GuyMuse said...

Alan,Oh, that we could all say the same!

Matthew,That is great about what you guys are doing there in Romania. How long will you be there? It is astounding to realize there are still hundreds of cities like Braila with almost no Gospel witness. May the Lord use your efforts for His Glory.