Sunday, August 21

Think you know me?

25 random things about me. Would love for you to share in the comments section which of the following surprises you the most. Feel free to share a few random things about yourself while you're at it!

1. 39 of my 54 years have been lived in Latin America (Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica.)

2. Linda and I were engaged four years before getting married.

3. I prefer hymns over contemporary praise and worship songs.

4. I watch very little television, but will view 4-5 movies/documentaries every week.

5. I am not a sports fan, but can tolerate those who are.

6. I love books of all kinds and read/listen to 3-4 every month.

7. I have lived with 2-3 migraines/week for the past 20 years--no treatments seem to work.

8. At age 17 I had a root canal procedure done in Ecuador without any anesthesia.

9. More people know me as "Guido" than Guy.

10. One of my biggest life regrets is not keeping up my proficiency in playing the piano and guitar.

11. Some of my favorite foods are freshly baked bread & butter, cheese, popcorn, avocados, corn chips & salsa, and good coffee. I am perfectly content to make a meal out of any one, or combination of these.

12. Before I die I'd like to learn to dance, speak semi-fluent Italian, visit all 50 States in USA, and spend at least a month each wandering around Spain and Italy.

13. I function better by instinct than by planning. Really.

14. I am most attracted by the mysterious.

15. I love to travel, but stress out making all the necessary arrangements for a good trip.

16. My favorite fruits are a good Texas cantaloupe, Chilean cherries, and Ecuadorian papaya and bananas.

17. The people living that I probably admire the most are my parents.

18. I have had a mustache 31 continuous years. I plan to shave it off when I can maintain a weight under 180 lbs. for six consecutive weeks.

19. I most admire creative or artistic people.

20. Favorite stores: Best Buy, Walmart,

21. My idea of a really exciting time would be to spend a month by myself in some far off lonely place without anybody else around.

22. I love all kinds of music--everything from A-Z. Daily, I spend more time listening to music than any other single activity.

23. Books recently read that I have enjoyed or been challenged by: The Help, Unbroken, Blink, Love Wins (didn't agree, but was a challenging book), Water for Elephants, The Tipping Point, Six Word Lessons to Discover Missional Living.

24. I hate talking on any kind of phone. I will do so to take care of business, but anything more than that quickly sets me on edge. I'd rather email or text message any day, than make a phone call.

25. I really believe that Texas is the closest thing to Heaven here on earth!


drix82961 said...

I feel honored to be able to say I know you a little bit better.

Connie said...

We definitely share numbers 3 and 24. The one that surprised me most was #20. I was very sorry to read that one. I'm curious about #18. How close are you to that goal?
Thanks for these great insights.

J. Guy Muse said...


I have hovered around 180 for a decade now. I am determined to get it to 175 but there is too much good food in the world that I am unable to resist!

What are some of your fav stores?

God's Child said...

Thanks for sharing! I agree totally with the last one!!!

Aussie John said...


We have much in common.

#25? You obviously haven't been to Australia.

J. Guy Muse said...


We would love to visit your part of the world someday!

Aussie John said...


I wish I was in the position to invite you to our home.