Tuesday, June 27

What God is teaching me these days... (Pt 1 of 4)

4. Lots of the busyness and activity I fill my days with does not necessarily equal God at work in our midst. To the contrary it seems that most of the real work of God seems to take place in spite of all the things I run around filling my days with.

I am beginning to wonder if the best strategy for reaching our people group is no more complicated than simply abiding in His presence and ONLY doing those things He impresses my spirit to do through prayer. (Not there, yet, but thinking about it!)

The problem with this is, of course, we are goal and activity oriented. We are people who value "hard work." We are taught that the fruits of our labor correspond with how hard we have worked at something. We feel the preassure of men to perform and give an acceptable accounting of ourselves. Self-worth is gained by WHAT we do, WHAT people think of us, and how BUSY we are.

It is hard to simply rest in WHO we are in the Lord and WHAT God is doing all around us.

What is God showing you these days? I would love to hear it in the comments section (and believe other readers would be blessed as well.)

Lesson number 3 coming up...


Ross Garner said...

Hello Guy

This is not an easy lesson, but I am on the same journey. My scriptural perspective here is from John 5:19 and 6:27. Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing. As I learn from the master I try to only do what I hear him telling me to do. In the first instance this results in more prayer and less time at my desk.

It means, for example, that I am not rushing in at the moment to supervise the repair of the church building, even though many in the church think that the vicar should be doing something about it! (our main doors have been closed off due to the dangerous masonery on the tower above).

A few months ago I was criticized for not taking communion to a dying member of the congregation. My accuser seemed perplexed when I responded that I had not heard God telling me to visit.

Another scripture that we are using in Bredbury is John 15. Abiding comes before fruitfulness.

Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Brother Guy,

I've been thinking similar thoughts.

Love in Christ,


abrasseau said...

good post and a good response to many posting anonymous comments about problems with how leadership is leading in the IMB. Everything probably would work better if we allow God to lead.

Wayne said...


On the other hand (to play the advocate), I don't think we need to "hear" from God to obey what he has already commanded. I think we can be so introspective that we don't act on the clear commands of the Bible. For example, if I see a person in need and can do something to help (no matter how busy I am) - do I need to wait for instruction from God or has God already given the instruction? I think the latter.

I appreciate what you're saying in terms of being busy in order to impress men. I think that's where the issue lies - why are we doing what we do and are we relying on God in what we do?

Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

Isn't God good. I just started Experiencing God Study for myself. Solo. It seems I have been so wrapped up in trying to please my supervisor, my leading team member and the IMB. We have been told what we shouldn't do and advised little on what we can do. We have been told ideas but going from ideas to the starting point...Well I'm just about to the point to advising all we are only going to do where we see God is doing and join in. I realize I'm a newbie on the field and I know there is much to learn. I just wonder when the powers at be start implementing strategies do they look at all the cultures or try to stereotype?

Jeff Richard Young said...

Dear Anonymous,

There is lots of good stuff in EG, to be sure. Be careful not to take its teachings as the Gospel if they're not.

Specifically, the main idea, "See what God is doing and join in." Is that biblical? I'm not sure.

Just be careful.

Love in Christ,


mr. t said...


Prayer is hard work! (At least for me). Thanks for the post. You are right that busyness can divert us from the Father's business.

Wayne is right about obeying the clear commands of Scripture. I know that he would agree we must do this in the Lord's power and not in the flesh.

Dave said...

Interesting post, as it seems that God has been teaching me this concept as well. Here in language school it seems as if everything is measured: how many verbs we can conjugate, how many tenses we've learned, at what level we can converse, etc. This kind of environment can lead one to measure worth in light of those standards, but I believe that God isn't interested in how we measure up to some standard that another person has created. He is interested in how well we listen and obey the words that He is speaking into our lives.

Perhaps that is why my first Spanish sermon was an exposition of John 15 and Jesus' concept of abiding.

GuyMuse said...

Ross, Jeff, abra, usuario, Dave, Mr. T, Wayne,

We`ve been out of pocket the past few days and will be out several more, but was thrilled to read ALL of your good comments! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on this lesson God is currently teaching me. I think each of your comments make a valid point that add to the dialogue.