Friday, June 30

What God is teaching me these days... (Pt 2 of 4)

3. Giftedness does not make a person a leader. This has been a real eye-opener for me. I have always assumed the most gifted people ARE the leaders. Not true. Many times God will gift someone as a teacher or evangelist, etc. but that doesn't make them a leader of others.

One of the frustrating errors I have made over the years is to expect these gifted individuals to be leaders just because they are gifted. I expect them to lead others to do the same things they are gifted in. While sometimes the giftedness and leadership skills come in the same package, that is not always the case. More likely, they do not. Leadership seems to be a special gift in and of itself. A leader will have gifts; but gifts don't make a leader.

I have a lot yet to learn about leadership.

Number 2 coming up...


Tim Sweatman said...


I was first exposed to this concept in one of George Barna's books. He was talking about how in many churches the pastor is not truly a leader. He may be a gifted teacher, speaker, encourager, or caregiver, but these do not necessarily translate into being a leader.

I have come to recognize this in my own life and ministry. I am gifted in teaching, and I am good at strategizing and organizing. However, I am terrible when it comes to actually getting the strategies and plans accomplished. So I have tried to develop a team-oriented leadership approach where I can delegate authority and responsibility to others who can follow through. Unfortunately, one of the problems I have had in my soon-to-be-former church is that they expect and want the pastor to do it all.

A 10-40 Window Missionary said...


A good post. Our team tried to develop the giftings of each individual to advance the Gospel. I learned, early, that I am not a visionary. As a team, we learned that most visionaries are just that, visionaries, with little ability to implement their visions. Once we started hearing from ALL of our team, we were able to move forward, trying to advance the Gospel.

GuyMuse said...

Tim and 10/40 M,

I can identify with what you both write. It is one thing to be able to strategize and another to carry out that strategy! One concept we are big on is empowering every believer to do those tasks traditionally reserved only for clergy. While not everyone believes it in their heart, for those that do, it changes everything.