Friday, July 7

What God is teaching me these days... (Pt 4 of 4)

1. Patience. This is one lesson I have been on for most of my life, but God continues to teach me more about this one too. It is almost like God has his own time table for things taking place. Most of my ministerial frustration and desperation comes from having a different time table than the one God is on. It has been comforting to realize that if somehow I could get a copy of God's time table I would see that all the Kingdom things I so long to see are things He too wants to see happen. But His time table is set up quite differently from mine. His takes into account all the work currently going on the in the lives of my fellow brothers and sisters around me. He is coordinating a myriad number of things going on in the lives of us all to accomplish the "coming of His Kingdom." Things do not revolve around my wishes and desires or how I think things should operate in the Kingdom.

Back when I was a teen, I pasted into the back of my NASB (the same Bible I continue to use today) the following handwritten quote: "It took such a long time to see, God's Kingdom revolves around Him not me." Back when I pasted it in my Bible I thought it was a profound statement and colored it green and drew a border around it I was so impressed. Thirty years later I am still learning this lesson. It indeed takes a long time to see... :-)

What kinds of things is God showing you these days? Share with us in the comments section!

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RMc said...

As you've been following my journey over the past couple of months, you've seen many things that God is teaching me. Many things have not been put into electronic form - yet.... Kinda hard to get my mind wrapped around them to a point they can be written. Your top 4 are definitely on my list as well.

One that is coming into view is that God works in our weaknesses in ways we never expect. I am not a big-picture, mission/vision kind of person. I know good visions when they smack me up side the head though! He has smacked me with a good one - and so simple that even I can understand it.