Thursday, August 10

I've Been Tagged!

Marty Duren tagged me to answer the following questions on my blog. So here goes...

1. One book that changed your life: there have been so many books that have impacted me over the years, I'll share both a recent book and one from the past. The Shaping Of Things To Come, by Michael Frost & Alan Hirsch. And, from the past, Hannah Hurnard's classic Hinds Feet On High Places.

2. One book that you've read more than once: Houses That Change the World, Wolfgang Simson

3. One book I'd want on a desert island (other than the Bible): Where There Is No Doctor, David Wener

4. One book that made me laugh: can't think of one, but since so many others have mentioned Blue Like Jazz, Donald Miller, I'll have to get hold of a copy and read it. I need a good laugh these days!

5. One book that made me cry: The Heavenly Man, Brother Yun with Paul Hattaway (it was that moving!) What a testimony.

6. One book that you wish you had written: The Present Future, Reggie McNeal

7. One book you wish had never been written: The trilogy, Rethinking the Wineskin, Who Is Your Covering, Pagan Christianity, all by Frank Viola. Now that I have your attention, these are must read books. I simply needed somewhere to place more titles that have greatly impacted my life. Truth be told, life has not been the same after reading these classics. They will definitely challenge everything you've ever believed about church.

8. One book that you are currently reading: Parenting Teens With Love & Logic, Foster Cline and Jim Fay

9. One book that you've been meaning to read: Waking the Dead, John Eldredge

Now I tag Donnie Starkey, Linda Muse, Gary Snowden, Outoftheshaker!, and Ben & Christine Haley.


George Klineberg said...

You scared me with the Viola books you wish had not been written! I am currently re-reading Pagan Christianity. It is still the bombshell read that it was the first time I read it.

GuyMuse said...


I went back and forth trying to decide whether or not to place the Viola trilogy for the book that most changed my life. Since I wanted to include it somewhere the only place I could find appropriate is to give the question a "twist" and this way include these three books that have certainly changed my whole outlook not only on church, but Christianity in general.

There are simply too many good books out there to fit the given questions!

Alan Hirsch said...

Hi Guy, Appreciate being listed as a book that chnaged your life. For what it is worth, I think that is the biggest compliment you could pay anyone. Thanks. You might be interested in my new book (to be released in Jan 07, called 'The Forgotten Ways' It will take off where 'Shaping' left off.

Peace and blessing
Alan Hirsch

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. What good news about the upcoming new book. "Shaping" took me a long time to read, mainly becuase nearly every page spoke so loudly to me. I had to stop and think over the material before continuing on. Anyway, it has made a profound impact on my thinking and approach to ministry.