Tuesday, August 22


God is definitely at work in hearing the many prayers offered for the saints as described in our previous post.

MANUEL called me yesterday morning all excited to report that God had sent him an ex-commando, a real foul-mouthed, fully-armed "Rambo" who for unknown reasons has decided to take on Manuel's case and defend his cause. He has become Manuel's "best friend" and is standing guard 24/7 over the properties and threatens to blow off anyone's head that attempts to invade the "Lord's property!" While I admit such "answers to prayer" don't jive with my own personal theology, one has to admit, WE PRAYED; GOD ANSWERED. I am continuosly amazed at how often God responds to prayer not in the way expected, but often outside of the small box we have Him enclosed!

Manuel went on to say that the Lord had impressed upon him the Scripture in Romans "BUT IF YOUR ENEMY IS HUNGRY, FEED HIM, AND IF HE IS THIRSTY, GIVE HIM A DRINK..." So on Sunday they fed all the invaders sandwiches and colada (oat meal drink). Everyone was happy about that and assured Manuel they would leave his land alone and only invade the others around him! They went on to have an open-air evangelistic service and will begin a new outreach group with those interested.

MIGUEL showed up unexpectedly yesterday. His situation remains the same with his employer, but continues to negotiate a solution. However, what he had come to share was how excited he was that on Sunday 7 new believers showed up to their discipleship class and 25 kids. He is so thrilled and came to ask us all to come out for a visit and especially to continue to pray for the new church plant.

PEDRO also had a wonderful weekend. A fellow missionary on our team, Barbara, visited his new house church group on Sunday. They had 10 new believers show up for the first discipleship class that meets in his empty car mechanic workshop. Barbara said he did an excellent job discipling them. I shared his story with a couple of other house churches who are committed to raising a love offering this week to help Pedro out. I am waiting for them to present their offerings first before sharing with Pedro that in the past days I have received a foreign love offering from someone in Europe! Since the European offering is so much more than what our people will be able to give, I want to wait a few days and not overshadow their own offering which they are working on this week to help Pedro and family. I know he will be overcome with gratitude to the Lord when he hears about these love offerings from his own fellow believers and those in far-away places.

JOHNNY and family are much encouraged, though still saddened by the loss of their loved one. He told me over the phone this morning that many people in his town have been impacted by their faithful Christian testimony and manner of facing death. When I told him how many people had been praying for him and his family and the church, he was genuinely impacted and expresses his appreciation to each of you for caring about someone so far away and not even known. He was also encouraged by the word that a group of us from Guayaquil are planning on coming to his town in the coming days to help him and the church with an evangelistic emphasis weekend.

Truly God is responding to each of your prayers. We look forward to hearing even more victories in the days to come.


Darrell said...

...I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it!!!

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Thank you for the report. What a privilege to join the battle half way across the world.

His will be done, His Kingdom come!

Darrell said...

Hey Guy I was thinking about the money that was given to help Pedro in light of the "7 deadly sins" of a CPM . One being foreign funds creating dependency pg.253. I am not suggesting that I in any way believe this gift is going to create that. However in light of this I was wondering if you have some helpful guidelines in this regard. Thanks

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You ask for some "helpful guidelines" in regard to giving without creating dependency. I am not the best to answer this, but will give it a try...

To me there is a difference between a one time gift to help somebody through a rough patch, and continually giving to the point that unless the giving continues the person/ministry cannot sustain itself.

Think of it this way...

Let's say what happened to Pedro happened to you or me. Would we not be grateful to the Lord for brothers and sisters pitching in to help us? However, if those giving keep doing so, we begin to rely on their regular gifts. After months of giving, one day the gifts stop coming in. We find ourselves in a crisis because we have become dependent upon these extra gifts coming in to sustain us. This is dependency. This is what kills missions.

Dependency is doing for someone what they should be able to do for themselves. I admit there is a fine line, but I if I err I would hope to err on the side of honoring the spirit of James 2, "If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, and one of you says to them, "Go in peace, be warmed and be filled," and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that?

Hope this helps!

Darrell said...

Good Stuff...Thanks! I really appreciate the perspective of someone who is in the trenches.

In the same light I found your "Starting House Churches in Guayaquil, Ecuador" piece extremely helpful on many levels. Thanks again.

Gordon Cloud said...

Praise the Lord for what He is doing. This is exciting news. I pray that He will continue to bless according to His will.

Kiki Cherry said...


Haven't really been surfing the blogs for a few days, and then came back to read this.

Wow. God clearly answers prayers. It is so encouraging to read your blog.

My heart really resonated with Johnny and Maria. I can fully relate to the isolation and struggle that they are going through. Is there any way that I could connect with/encourage them? Maybe send a letter through you? Or is there some particular need that we could meet?

I also understand what it is like to miss family. When my parents finally settled on the same continent as me, God moved us clear to the other side of the country. Sometimes I just long for a hug from Mom or Dad.

Last year we lost Grandma Cherry, and only Doug was able to go back. It's tough.

I would love to correspond or even partner with them if that's a possibility.

Corazon Latino said...

I'm so excited to hear of how God has answered our prayers. He is a good and faithful God indeed!!!

GuyMuse said...

GORDON--thanks for stopping by and especially for your prayers.

KIKI--Johnny and Maria Victoria are precious people. If you'd like to write them (maybe Angelica can help translate for you?) you can send the letter to:

Guy Muse
Casilla 09-06-2388
Guayaquil, Ecuador

It would mean a lot to them. They don't have email, so a letter is about the only way to contact them.

CORAZON LATINO--I hope you're drinking a Dr. Pepper for us up there in Disneyland world! Indeed the Lord IS good! Give the boys a hug for us. Your SIM buddies from NZ were here this past weekend and enjoyed our time with them.

Carol Wilson said...

I just met Richelle (fun!), and she told me to check your blog. This is wonderful news. I'm thanking the Lord for His power and faithfulness. And continuing to pray.
Carol Wilson

GuyMuse said...


So good to have you visit! We feel like we know you a bit from all that Richelle has shared with us. You sound like a wonderful person and we would love to meet personally someday! Thanks for all your work there with SIM. We too pray for God's will to be done in your health issues. Thanks for praying for us, as we remember you as well.

Burkhalter Ministry said...

Excellent...Great is His faithfulness!

negrito said...

HI there Guy,
Great how God answers prayer. We continue to pray. Los echamos de menos mucho. Saludos a todos los hermanos.