Friday, September 29

Building a Foundation on Prayer

Several weeks ago I posted a story about the Teleamigo Ministry here in Guayaquil, a modern day 'Five Loaves and Two Fishes' story.

I invite you to view and hear some of the people we work with and see some of what God is doing in our midst through this ministry. This 3:22 minute IMB video is entitled, "Building a Foundation on Prayer" and was uploaded to YouTube with permission.

Hopefully the video will inspire you to pray more for us. As the title implies, PRAYER is the foundation of everything we do.

If you'd like to join our prayer team send a blank email to either or I also point your attention to the right side-bar where you can click on Muse PrayerNewsletter and Guayas Mestizo Team.


Debbie said...

Guy: I commented on this in my blog but I want you to be sure and see this. I saw the video and was deeply moved. I signed up for your prayer list and commit to pray for you and your wife with specific, heartfelt, informed prayer. Thank you for your blog and bringing your needs to my attention.

negrito said...

Great video. We haven't forgotten you'all. Extrañamos a Guayaquil.

guy muse said...

DEBBIE--Thanks for the kind words and especially for signing up on the prayer list to pray for us. We usually try to send out 1-2 mailings a month. Do pray for Teleamigo these days. We are going through a tough time. I just returned from a meeting this evening about Teleamigo and the trials this ministry is facing.

NEGRITO--Thanks for keeping us all in your prayers. We too remember you as you settle in to your new life and responsibilities in that land--where, as your son puts it--there are lots of "dumb rules". You probably have to stop at STOP signs, and can't buy any pirated DVDs, have to have prescriptions to buy needed medications, etc. :)

Gordon Cloud said...

Brother, you are most definitely in my prayers. I am going to sign up on your prayer list, as well.

God bless.