Tuesday, September 12

Recent Interesting Blog Entries

There is a lot of good blogging going on out there. Here are a few recent blog entries that I found helpful, interesting, or challenging...

David Rogers, Denominational Distinctives

House Church Blog, Barna's Revised Statistics

Jeff Dunson, Messy Church - The Return

Nomad's, What's It Like: Part 1, Part 2

Mr. "T", the key to reproducing disciples, churches and leaders

Ken Sorrell's, Simplified Church Planting Master Plan

Kiki Cherry's, Whoa!

Donnie Starkey's, Always Harvest?

Ross Garner's, Starfish: A Parable of the Kingdom

Women 4 The Kingdom, Simple Church

The Missionary Iconoclast, Seven Habits of Highly Effective Missionaries

simplechurch.co.uk a passage from India - why mince words

I invite you to share in the comments section other interesting blog entries that you have come across recently.

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sembrador said...

Thanks Guy for the plug :)