Saturday, December 23

The best gift you could give us

This time of year many people contact us in sundry ways asking if there is anything we might need (or like) for Christmas. We feel a profound gratitude to the Lord for placing so many caring people into our lives. We are thrilled this year to have received a "Dr. Pepper" fund from a group of blogger friends who understand just how important DP is to keeping us on the field!!!

But if there is one gift you could give us it would be to make a commitment to pray for us during the coming new year 2007. I can't think of a more meaningful gift than to remember us regularly before the Father in prayer.

There are several things you might do to help you remember to pray...

1-Everytime you see or eat a banana pray for us (Ecuador is the world's leading exporter of bananas). Same goes for coffee or chocolate (other major exports).

2-Sign up on one of our two prayer lists by sending a blank email to either:

To learn a bit more about these lists click on the links in the top right hand side bar (just below my profile.)

3-Choose a landmark along the route you drive/walk to work and associate it with us. Everyday when you pass that spot pray for us.

4-Choose an item or symbol that reminds you to pray for us. I do this for one of our Ecuadorian national missionaries serving in India. "Brahma" beer is popular in Ecuador and everytime I see a bottle or advertisement, I am reminded of the Hindu god "Brahma" which triggers me to whisper a prayer for this Ecuadorian missionary. You can do the same for us with "Dr. Pepper!"

5-Pray for us everytime you stop by to read our blog. One idea might be to pray along the lines of what is being posted. Just turn the post into a prayer. Hopefully there will always be something to trigger a prayer response.

6-Not sure what to pray for?
We have three standing petitions that are good 24/7/365

-safety and protection for our family
-love for the people God has called us to serve
-workers for the harvest (Luke 10:2)

If you decide to give us the "gift of prayer" in 2007 or choose any of the above gifts, please let us know in the comments section!

Thank you.

May each of you have a FELIZ NAVIDAD


antonio said...

gracias y feliz navidad y muchas felicidades a ti.

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Guy,

It is Christmas day and I am sitting here after all the gifts are opened and enjoying Rebekah as she is really into her gifts.

My family is on vacation in Myrtle Beach and we had Santa come here. I could not get Rebekah to sleep and so I went into her room to lay in the bed with her hoping that would help. It didn't and my Gail and I made the decision to just go ahead and allow Santa to visit us. Rebekah and I heard the rummaging in the other room and she was so excited. Wanting to see if Santa came but not really sure. I reminded her how we should expect Jesus to come back with such excitement. I believe one day He will literaly step out and call His church home. Then it will make no difference what language you speak or pray in.

I will be praying for you everytime I see Dr. Pepper.



Anonymous said...

Querido Guy
Vuestro ministerio está en la prioridad de mis oraciones
¡Bendecido 2007!

guy muse said...

Antonio, Tim, and Daniel,

Gracias por sus visitas. Thanks for your visit and leaving a comment. We have been in Quito (the capital) the past few days celebrating Christmas at my sister's house along with my parents who came down from the States. We appreciate so much the prayers. Thanks for remembering us this coming new year.

Bryan Riley said...

All signed up and ready to pray!

GuyMuse said...


Thanks! We usually try to send out 1-2 mailings/month.