Thursday, January 18

Jessica's Story

Barbara Rivers is one of our team members working with women in prostitution. Recently she sent me this precious testimony about the power of God to change lives. This is the heart of missions and the reason we are see lives changed.
“My name is Jéssica Cárdemas. I am 32 years old and am a mother of 3 children. I was a woman alone and have fought to survive in spite of many obstacles in my life. Since I did not have a stable job in order to feed and educate my children, I accepted the idea of a “friend” who told me that I would make a lot of money. I fell into the lowest world, that of prostitution. Sure, I made money and was able to maintain the needs of my children but it is a life of greatest suffering. My life was so sad until a woman visited me on the street where I waited for clients and she preached to me the Word of God. Later she invited me to a Spiritual Retreat (3 days, out of the city). She went to my house and got permission of my husband, father of my third child. She told him that she would buy food for the 3 days that I would be gone. My husband accepted and she came through with her promise of food. I imagined that God would punish me at the retreat because I was not doing what was correct with my life, but it wasn’t that way at all. I was impacted by the prayers. I sensed that God was listening to me and cleaning me of all my sin. I felt that He was giving me a love that no one had ever given me. I felt that God was with me. The music was precious and I cried a lot. I learned how to treat my children. I give thanks to God for guiding me in his steps and was able to know Him personally.”
Barbara writes, "Jéssica has started a study of Matthew and desires to continue studying the Bible. We have encouraged her to finish her studies and she will begin in January to learn to cut and style hair. We have helped her to obtain the tools she needs for the job in order to begin a new life of work. Her husband accepted Christ as Savior at another retreat and they now plan to marry legally and be baptized. Please pray for them."

Thanks for praying for Jéssica and for all of us as well. Prayer makes a difference.


Burkhalter Ministry said...

Praise God- for his love, conviction, grace, forgiveness, and redemption. Lord, I pray your word will go forth and bring healing to many more.
We intercede for you and the people of Ecuador. What an awesome priveledge to be called children of God and be a part of seeing people come into the kingdom.
Thanks again for the prayers and encouraging words in our time of loss.
Beth B.

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for stopping by. I too have prayed for you guys, knowing a bit about what you have just been through. Thanks also for praying for the people of Ecuador. One of our standing prayer requests is to PRAY THE LORD OF THE HARVEST TO CONTINUE TO SEND US LABORERS. We live in a harvest field, ripe, and ready but need thousands of more workers. Give our regards to Travis, and maybe one day we can meet in that we count Ft. Worth as our home when we are Stateside.

Jeff Dunson said...


Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. It's what we all love to see happening. It would be wonderful if we could get a ministry like this started in Porto Alegre, Brasil - there is certainally a great need.

GuyMuse said...


Write Barbara (brivers) at her SAM region email address for advise on how to begin a ministry amongst them. I am sure she could be a big help.