Thursday, January 11

Today is our 27th wedding anniversary

I know this isn't thrilling news to anyone outside of my wife and myself, but wanted to let the world know anyway...

We were married by my dad at Grace Temple Baptist Church in Denton, Texas, January 11, 1980. Since we were getting married in the dead of winter and had been having some really cold weather, we didn't really expect many people to show up. However, that weekend turned into a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, and folks drove in to Denton from several surrounding States. We ended up with 300+ guests, so many in fact that we ran out of refreshments and neither of us got any of our wedding cake or even a bite of food at the reception!

My brother, Greg, was my best man. Linda chose her friend Lynn to be her bridesmaid. My college roomate Greg Albright played the piano. Linda's Aunt Ruth Stowell played the organ. Probably the most memorable part of our wedding ceremony for most of the guests attending was the wedding entrance music we chose. Edvard Grieg's "Wedding Day at Troldhaugen" is a delightful, joyful, happy music--quite different from Richard Wagner's more somber "Bridal chorus-Lohengrin" (Here comes the bride...) that is traditionally used for most weddings.

One of our favorite groups at the time were the Imperials (yes, we go back that far!) On one of their earlier albums they had a beautiful setting of "The Lord is my Light and my Salvation" (Psalm 27). Linda's brother, Tom, transcribed the music from the vinyl album and her sister Jana sang it as part of the ceremony. Just today we had a random CD playing in the car as we went out to celebrate over lunch when this very song came on. What a trip down memory lane!

For our honeymoon we went to Cancun, Mexico back when it was just beginning to develop into a major tourism center. We visited all the local sights, but what I remember most was playing endless games of Backgammon around our hotel pool. Strange what things rise to the top of the pile as the years go by. We still enjoy Backgammon but don't play as often. I also have a favorite coffee mug bought on that honeymoon that I still use 2-3 times a week. That Cancun $5 coffee mug has turned into one good investment of money! I would love to go back someday and visit this magical place (or at least it was then!)

I know I am rambling, but it is about good memories from 27 years ago today.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Linda! I love you!


Rick said...
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Nomad said...

Congratulations to you both! Surely there is some sort of award for Linda for "endurance".

Blessings for many, many more!

Outoftheshaker! said...

Congrats, and Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really appreciate your encouragement. Your blog has been an real encouragement for me this past year. Teresa and I just completed 19 years. She says it only feels like 10 minutes (underwater). Thanks again

negrito said...

Felicitaciones. We moved into our new house Tuesday and I started my new job Wed. All going well.

Ken said...

Guy and Linda,

Congratulations! I hope your celebration continues for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Mis cariños a Usted y su esposa.

Debbie said...

I know I'm late in posting this and please forgive me Guy. Happy Anniversary. I know Denton, Tx. We go through Denton on our way to Houston to visit our children. Dairy Queen is in Denton. Aw the luxuries one misses. We have no DQ here where I am. Is that considered roughing it? Just kidding. :)

GuyMuse said...

Nomad, Michael, Negrito, Ken, Daniel, and Debbie,

Thanks for the congratulations. We spent a good day yesterday. We so appreciate all the prayers and comments.

Today we are attending the Billy Graham conference for pastors and leaders they are holding here in Guayaquil in preparation for the upcoming Franklin Graham Crusade in Aug/07. It was so encouraging to see over 1000 leaders gathered this morning for the evangelism training.

Strider said...

Congratulations Guy and Mrs. Guy. Thank you for your efforts in doing this blog. It is encouraging and I consider it just about the best M blog that I know of.
We are praying for the conferences for you and hope to see a post soon on all the great things the King has done there.

abrasseau said...

belated congrats

Paul Burleson said...


More belated congrats.

Don't take my having not written for a while as failure to pray for you. That is not the case and shall not be. You guys are in our thoughts often and prayed for regularly. Again, congratulations to you and your bride and pass that on to her, please.

GuyMuse said...

Antonio and Paul,

Thanks for the congrats.

Paul, I was really blessed by the first audio pod that I listened to from your series at Emmanuel that were posted on Wade's blog. My dad was here visiting and he listened too. I look forward to hearing the rest of the series in the days to come.