Thursday, April 12

Church Planting Movements

Look to the nations; watch and be utterly amazed for I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.

The following video comes from the IMB and is a good introduction to Church Planting Movements and what they are all about. Locally, we use a Spanish translation of this piece in our training of new church planters. Please watch this video and give thanks to God for the utterly amazing things He is doing in our day.

The last paragraph in David Garrison's book "Church Planting Movements" is a call to action...

"It can't happen here. This is what they said in Vietnam until they saw it in Cambodia. It's what they said in Cambodia before they saw it in China. It's what they said in Central America before they saw it in Bogotá. It's what they said in Sudan before they saw it in Ethiopia. Perhaps it's what they are saying where you live. Satan would have us remain silent and skeptical. But Christ would have us shout it from the roof tops, "Be no longer unbelieving, but believe!"

"Doubt is contagious. But then so is faith. God offers us the chance to believe and join him in something so amazing that you wouldn't believe it even is you were told. Well, how about you? Do you believe?"


Debbie said...

This is incredible. What A Mighty God We Serve. Thank you for sharing this Guy.

Larry Who said...

I had to wipe the tears from my eyes often as I watched this. It was awesome.

GuyMuse said...

Debbie and Larry,

Thanks to you both for stopping by and taking the time to watch this rather long video. I think it captures well in a short time frame, the amazing things going on all over the world. It continues to amaze me that we are so caught up in peripheral issues of little significance, when these big things going on in our world today, like CPM, go relatively unnoticed by most. Is it because we don't believe they are real, or is it that we have been sidetracked by secondary issues? Either way, God seems to be pleased to continue to do these awesome things amongst the nations.

Larry Who said...


Even though I write about many of the minors, the major major thing is building the kingdom of God. And this is doing it one person and one church at a time.

Darrell said...

I bought 12 of these videos last year to give away. I love it!

Most of the time folks just don't know how to understand and react to the information. I have gotten more blank stares then anything else. I think they think it is to good to be true, or it can happen there but not here.

I keep praying for workers who do believe and are smitten with the same vision as you and I are.

Keep up the call to join God in what He is doing!

Ronni said...

Incredible. This just stokes the fire that was planted in me years ago. God, give us all our missions in your greater plan!

Incredible. God is astounding.

Debbie said...

Guy: Sometimes I think we have gotten hardened to the ways of God. It's become about business, politics. The reality of God's awesome power is not fully realized. We think we do it all. I am hopeful however that videos such as you have shown and posts that you and other missionaries have posted will take the scales off of eyes.

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for the link on your own blog and kind words. Indeed "seek ye first the Kingdom of God..." is what Jesus shared with his own disciples as priority for those who choose to follow Him.


We show this video (in Spanish) at our first training session for new church planters. It always leads into an exciting discussion afterwards about whether or not we can see the same here. I ask them what they observe from the video and love that they catch the idea that it is "lay leaders" doing the work, not the professional clergy class. This excites them to realize they can do the same here!


Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to visit often and comment away on anything you'd like. Glad the video rekindled the fire planted years ago!


Also, thanks for the link on your own site. I think all of us need frequent refreshing on where God's heart lies. I know it does me good to read what God is doing in places around the world and hearing about lives transformed by the Gospel.