Tuesday, September 25

What a difference you've made in my life (Part 2)

Recently I posted the ongoing story of Aneida in a post entitled What a difference you've made in my life. Alan Knox commented, "This is one of the most important posts that I've ever read!" I don't know about "important" but it is definitely one of my favorite "M Blog" posts. This story just keeps enfolding day by day, getting better and better...

Last Sunday, Medardo (Aneida's dad) invited us to his house to help him celebrate his first birthday of being a Christian. (Cake at left reads, "My first year with Christ Jesus.") It was exactly one year ago that Medardo accepted Jesus into his heart for what has become a remarkable transformation, in not only his own life, but in the lives of his entire extended family. Over the past year his wife Mónica, his daughters Aneida and her husband David, Aneida's sister, María, their grandpa, David's brother and sister-in-law, his other brother and his wife--along with so many others that I could never get it all straight...including several neighbors and friends. Then there is an entire family that Medardo works with on his job. He and Mónica are currently discipling them. This family was recently baptized and they have started a house church in their home as well. I know its a lot of people and it gets confusing...but that's the point!

Medardo and Mónica led the house church celebration time. We sang all their favorites out of the green song books we use. Medardo shared his testimony of all that Christ had done for him and his family. We listened to words of exhortation and encouragement for Medardo from all those who had been invited. Prayers were voiced. A few more songs...and then everyone was treated to a big plate of delicious fritada, mote, arroz and onion-tomato salad, with cake for dessert!

There was only one moment of sadness when María shared her grief that her husband (who had not come to the party) was not yet a believer. Tears streamed down her face as she asked us to pray for her husband's salvation.

Without warning her mother, Mónica, fell to the floor and cried out to God to save her son-in-law. The weeping and crying went on for several minutes as all present called upon Jesus to do what only He can do in working the miracle of changing a life. Will you pause a second and pray for María's husband to come to know the Lord?

I know there will be Parts 3,4,5 ... to this story. God isn't finished yet! This is what Jesus is all about. He is an awesome God who is about making all things beautiful...including saving María's husband. Stay tuned!


Frank (or Chip) said...

Hey, how is my favorite IMB SC in all of Guayaquil? Cannot wait to see how God will use Maria's husband! When we were CPing in FL a woman came our first Sunday and prayed to receive Christ. As soon as she finished praying she asked prayer for her husband Dean. A catechism leader, VERY involved in his church, a former seminary student. Dean made it clear that he would never attend our "sect." He would,though, attend social events and then Bible studies and then said he could host one. Can you believe that the first one he hosted, the material contained quotes from St.s Thomas Aquinas, Augustine, etc! Dean is now a deacon in an evangelical church and father of 8 kids who have grown up in church.

Be blessed friend.


GuyMuse said...


This Guayaquil SC is doing fine, enjoying watching the neat things God continues to do in our midst. How is my favorite Quito SC doing? Speaking of "Dean" we trained several RC folks a while back. The last time I contacted them they had a group of 40 they were meeting with using our materials. We invited them back for further training this coming Wednesday. We'll see if they show up. If you see my cuñado tell him to check his email, I'm still waiting for a response about his coming down to help us with some training with illiterates.

Alan Knox said...


I still believe that these posts are very important! I'm afraid that many followers of Jesus think that their responsibility to their Lord ends when they walk out the door of their church building. These stories (and others like them) remind us that God wants to work in us and through us wherever we are throughout the week - not just on Sunday in a church building. In other words, you are showing us that God is living and active in the world!


Frank (or Chip) said...

While I appreciate the promotion and the pay raise that comes with it (Ha Ha Ha), I am only your favorite Quito TF (Team Facilitator). As you are well aware, that translates as the "Team Easy Potato". I do not really know what that means, but it has given me yet one more thing to put on a resume. My titles have been:
Church Planter
Interim Team Leader
Team Leader
Strategy Coordinator
Church Planter
Team Facilitator

As for your cuñado, I will pass along the message. But have you considered that if you are trying to contact someone to work with illiterate people, maybe you need to call! :=)

Say hello to your kiddos and lovely wife for me.


GuyMuse said...


Why is it that new believers have this kind of passion and drive to see their loved ones come to Christ, and those of us with years in the faith just kind of yawn over the lost, and at best write a few blog posts about the need to be doing so? The problem is not with God, it is with us. He WANTS to save the lost, but has chosen to use us as his hands, feet, and mouth. When we make ourselves available, He makes a difference in people's lives.


For a while I was using the following email signature, which I thought was quite descriptive...

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Cahleen (何凱琳) said...

It's refreshing to see worship as saw and unhindered as Maria and her mother's, as they cry out for God to save Maria's husband. I'd be interested to know how this prayer is answered in the future. Thanks for sharing this!

Cahleen (何凱琳) said...

Oops ... I mean "raw", not saw. I guess the preview button is there for a reason. =)

GuyMuse said...


Yes, people here tend to be very uninhibited in their expressions of love towards God. Tears are openly shared and not held back. Thanks for your prayers. I will try to keep you updated. If interested, in the right side bar is a link to join one of our two prayernewsletters. Feel free to join and keep up this way if you like.