Sunday, September 23

Church without all the religion

What does church look like without all the religion? Describing house/simple church life can be difficult to explain. It must be experienced. Much of what we try to write about on the "M Blog" often comes across more theoretical and idealistic than something that real people are actually living. The following video "When You Come Together" from House2House Ministries does a good job expressing in sound, images, and commentary much of what it is we seek to express here on the "M Blog". So, what does church look like without all the religion?

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Darrell said...

I know one episode cannot cover everything. However I was bothered by the lack of emphasis on GOING. Obviously I am a big fan of the simple church. I pray that they MULTIPLY! In my journey I have seen to much of the simple church that is just as barren of new disciples as their traditional church counterparts. Perhaps this is addressed in another episode.

GuyMuse said...


As you point out, my impression is that it is a piece intended to introduce people to house/simple church.

What you mention is a valid concern. If there is one difference between the house church movement in the USA and the one we are involved with, it is this very thing. We are a lot more focused on reaching new believers, while it seems our Stateside counterparts are made up mostly of folks who are already Christians and transistioning out of traditional churches into the house/simple churches.

Maybe you guys there in AZ can help turn the tide and begin to show us a Stateside model that is reaching the lost.