Sunday, December 9

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions

Every year Southern Baptist Churches in the United States collect a special offering in December for international missions. 100% of this offering goes for overseas work. The goal this year for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is $165 million.

Since we see first-hand and experience the impact of this offering, I would like to say THANK YOU for giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Do you know how much the average Southern Baptist gives to international missions per year? $8.35!!!

Here are a few suggestions that you might consider this Christmas Season as you determine what amount to give. Some of these ideas come from the IMB website here, but most are things we have tried ourselves over the years and personally practice as a family.

1) Decide what amount of money you will spend on your family this Christmas and give MORE than this amount to the LMCO. After all, it is Christ's birthday we are celebrating. Should we be getting more than He if it is his birthday?

2) Something we have done as a family for several years now is set aside an amount out of our monthly paycheck and have that amount automatically credited to the LMCO. This took a couple of email and phone calls to set up, but we haven't had to fool with it since, and are able to give to LMCO throughout the year.

3) A variation on the idea above would be to have a LMCO gift box that you deposit a set amount every week/month throughout the year. Then give this amount to your church when the offering is collected in December.

4) Sell tickets to a mother-daughter or father-son breakfast or brunch. Invite a missionary as a guest speaker. Proceeds go to Lottie Moon.

5) Auction students to church members for a day of service, from cleaning house to raking leaves. Money members give for the work youth do goes to Lottie Moon.

6) One thing we missionaries have done for many years is have an auction where a volunteer team brings in "goodies" from the States and auction them off to the missionaries. A six-pack of Dr. Pepper went for $120 one year! My son paid $60 for a box of Double-Bubble gum. I myself have paid $35 for a jar of Jiff peanut butter! All proceeds go to the missions offerings. Might your church do something similar?

7) Challenge folks to save money for the offering by giving up something small. Examples include a fast-food meal a week or a movie a month. Host a special ceremony for everyone to give their offering and share what God taught them through their sacrifice.

8) Double (or triple!) whatever you gave last year. Give sacrificially, not what is convenient.

9) As a church body, decide to channel funds to a lost world instead of to building improvements or beautification projects.

10) View some of the ideas for promoting the LMCO at the IMB Idea Gallery.

Whatever you decide to give, please do so beforehand in prayer. The idea of just reaching in your pocket and giving whatever comes out doesn't seem worthy of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Give thoughtfully, prayerfully. There are few offerings that make as much of an eternal impact on the world as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Do you feel a yearly offering of $8.35 is worthy of the One who left his throne in glory to die on a cross for our sins? How much will you give this year to see souls around the globe come to the Savior?
Checks can be mailed to (gifts are tax-deductable)
Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
International Mission Board, SBC
P.O. Box 6767
Richmond, VA 23230


Strider said...

We do your number six idea often here in Middle Earth. I guess we live in a more restricted context because two years ago when we last met we got up to $1200 for a packet of Oreos. Dr. Pepper, Reeses Peanut butter cups and a whole host of other goodies were grabbed up for over $9000 all told. I guess the point I am making is two fold: One, we are obviously desperate for some US products over here and two, your M's on the field put our money where our mouths are. All of us are giving sacrificially to the offering we are asking you back home to give to.

GuyMuse said...


I like the way you put it, "M's put our money where our mouths are" :) That is true in more ways than the literal reference you are making. I guess it is because on a daily basis we see LMCO monies working silently behind the scenes touching every aspect of our lives.

As I said in my post, I don't know of a better, more direct way to impact global missions than through consistent daily heartfelt prayer, and giving to the LMCO.

Billy Howard said...

Great thoughts. I have been thinking about presenting what you said in number 1 to our church for a special Christmas offering. My idea was... Whatever the highest amount you spend on any particular person is-give more than that for the Kingdom sake (as a birthday gift to Jesus)!

GuyMuse said...


Glad one of the LMCO suggestions rings a bell with you. If you haven't yet clicked on the website (#10), there are lots of ideas and videos, etc. that can assist with the week of prayer for international missions and LMCO.

Please thank your church from us personally for their gifts to this offering. Your prayers and gifts make it possible for us to be here. Tell them I wish we could do so in person, but until that day, our note will have to suffice!