Thursday, May 29

Going Stateside

I love Ecuador. I love being a missionary. I love our work. I love being a servant of God. I love what the Lord is doing in our midst. For 32 years this country has been my home (21 as a missionary and 11 as an MK.)

But we need a break.

We are scheduled to be going Stateside June 1 to August 15 of this year. More than anything, what we need is a change of pace from ministry demands to rest, recharge, reflect, retune our hearts to God's still, small voice.

We hope to continue blogging, but probably not as frequently due to the amount of traveling we have coming up while in America. (So much for the part about needing "rest!" :)

My wife and I are scheduled to be at the SBC in Indianapolis. Much of our time there will be spent on duty at the IMB booth. If you happen to be in Indy, please stop by and let us meet you in person. We would love to put a face to some of the names we have enjoyed reading in the blog world.

The following song "Yo Nací En Este País" (I was born in this country) is a really a great song and quite popular over much of South America. It is sung by Ecuadorians Juan Fernando Velasco and Pamela Cortez. Though I was not born in Ecuador, both our children were, and after living here for 32 years, feel very much "in tune" with the message of this song!


Deborah said...


May you and your family have a great time on STAS. Say No more than you say Yes, and possibly you will get a little rest in.

It's always good to have time away. I think it helps to give us a clearer perception of what the Lord is asking us to do.

We haven't always come back refreshed or rested, but we've always come back with a vision for what the Lord wants to accomplish in the next phase of the work. It's always God-sized and keeps us humbly on our knees for each and every step.

May the Lord give you the renewed vision you need for the next term. Enjoy Indy!

GuyMuse said...


Thanks! This is will our 7th STAS. We "know" what to do, but don't always do it. Saying NO isn't something we are very good at. However, this time is so short, it will be a lot easier in that a lot of our time is already filled.

Frank (or Chip) said...

Have a great time Muses.