Tuesday, May 13

Some of my favorite bloggers

There are a lot of really good blogs out there.

Actually, way too many to keep up with. I use the JetBrains Omea Blog Reader 2.2 to which I have added feeds from 99 blogs.

Why not go ahead and make it an even 100?

Well, 100 blogs is a ridiculous number of blogs to try and keep up with, so I keep it at a manageable max of 99! And just so you don't think that blogging is all I ever we ever do, I limit myself to no more than an hour everyday for blogging.

I enjoy reading the 99 bloggers currently on my list, but due to infrequent posting only a few qualify for my "favorite bloggers" list. So with that clarification...

Who are my favorite bloggers? I tend to be partial towards missionary blogs and those writing about missions-related issues. You might be surprised at my list, but here goes...

Interested in missionary blogs? The best place to start is Missionary-Blogs.com that currently tracks 475 active missionary blogs. My complaint though with most of my fellow M Bloggers is infrequent blogging. Of course they do have busy day jobs of saving the world that keep them from posting more often!

No list would be complete without Wade Burleson's Grace and Truth to You. This is the one blog every IMB missionary I know reads (along with half the SBC), whether or not they will admit it. It's hard to get M's together and the topic of a WB post not come up as part of the conversation.

Three blogs missionaries ought to be reading for their excellent missiological content are Ken Sorrell's Return to Biblical Missions, Tim Patterson's Travel Light, and Jeff Gilbertson's Until All Have Heard.

The best "missionary story-telling" blog goes to Strider's Tales from Middle Earth.

The best balanced, MOR, SBC blog is sbc IMPACT! authored by several writers. I like this blog because it deals fairly and constructively with SBC and missions issues.

Another good balanced SBC blog that directs a lot of attention towards missions issues is Les Puryear's Joining God in His Work.

The best blog for learning about everyday life on the mission field from the perspective of a missionary wife is my own Linda Muse's A Foreign Life. I think she does a super job and would highly recommend her blog even if she wasn't my wife!

The best "practical helps" blog for missionaries, packed with wisdom and experience gleaned from years on the field, goes to David Watson and his Touch Point blog.

The missionary blogger I agree with 99.99% of the time (including comments on others blogs), is David Rogers writing for sbc IMPACT! and his own Love Each Stone. He has a way of saying just what I wish I could put into words.

The best blog to wake up to in the mornings with a cup of coffee is Bryan Riley's Charis Shalom.

The Best Thoughts of a Christian Woman goes to Debbie Kaufman. She always has something worthwhile to share and is a missionary cheerleader for those of us on the field. I love the songs she chooses to play every time I visit her blog.

The most misunderstood SBC missionary blogger, but one who always provides a good read with his incisive questioning of the way we do things in missions circles is Missions Misunderstood. I look forward to the direction his writing will take once he is back Stateside and no longer an overseas missionary.

The best "new kid in town" missionary blogs are Camel Crossing and Crucified With Christ.

The best "SBC-Pastor" blogs writing on missional themes goes to Alan Cross's DownshoreDrift, and Marty Duren's ie:missional.

Hands down, the best non-ministry related missionary blog goes to Amanda Parmley's Following an Unknown Path. The descriptions of everyday life in Taiwan are fascinating and always complete with plenty of colorful photos. She has got to have the cutest dog on the planet (plenty of photos of him as well.)

The best Christian music videos to inspire and get your day off to a good start can be seen on Nightwatch's blog. I love her choice of songs.

The best "where does he find all that stuff?" blog goes to Kevin Bussey's Confessions of a Recovering Pharisee.

The hands down best blog on "how to be the church" goes to Alan Knox's The Assembling of the Church. I wish there was a way to put Alan in charge of teaching ecclesiology at all our seminaries.

The best "friend's blog" about house churching and transparent spiritual sharing goes to Travis' He Must Increase and his wife Beth's Women4theKingdom. While a lot of us "talk the talk" about house church, these guys are doing it.

Dorcas Hawker's Attorney Notes is less about attorney notes, and more like a diary of the life of this lively person. It can really become addictive following her daily excursions. Kind of like getting hooked on soap operas. One is drawn into the daily comings and goings of this sister who loves missions and missionaries. She even set us up last year with our own "Missionary Dr. Pepper Fund".

Best "Ecuador photos blog" goes to Ben and Christine Haley's Pray Daily for the Haleys. Their blog is a photo journal of their time as missionaries here in Ecuador.

Peru missionaries have a great advocate in Kevin's Somewhere in South America blog.

Alas, my list must come to an end. If your blog didn't make the cut, don't feel bad. You are still safe as one of the "chosen 99" in my Omea blog reader. If you will start posting more often, I can guarantee you a spot in any future "favorite blogger" lists.

Any suggestions for me? I'm always on the look out for new blogs. Who are some of your own favorite bloggers?


Camel Rider said...

Thanks for the mention Guy. I always appreciate your posts and comments. If we're on the same continent we should get together!

Les Puryear said...


Thanks for the mention. BTW, I'm in Richmond at the IMB Pastor/Missions Leader Conference. I spoke to Marty Childers this evening and mentioned that you and I had been talking about some possibilities of partnering or engaging a UPG in Ecuador. He said you guys had identified more UPGs in the south. I enjoyed meeting him.



Burkhalter Ministry said...

A few of my friends blogs to check out.
www.propelmission.net Good teachings on discipleship by Roy McClung also his blog is http://roymcclung.blogspot.com

Jason Bishop's blog

The Butler's blog

Inida HC planter...multiple resources on this site, great for those starting new works


Strider said...

Thanks for the mention Guy. I know most of the blogs you mention and agree 100% with your analysis.

Alan Knox said...


Thanks again for the kind words. If anyone takes you up on your comment, I'll be glad to teach ecclesiology anytime anywhere. :)


S.A.M. said...


I'm with Camel Rider. Thanks for the mention and as always your comments and posts are treasured. I admire your obedient life, career and look forward to reading your writings to learn more.


GuyMuse said...

To all the above,

Thanks to you for each of your blogs. They have challenged my thinking, inspired, and taught me new things. I look forward to what you have to share in future posts.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

I am flattered that you would mention me, Guy! I have been interested in Ed Stetzer, as of late. He has some things we need to hear, even though most of it is directed to the North American reality.

When do you head north?


GuyMuse said...


Thanks for the Stetzer recommendation. I will check him out again. We are due to go Stateside June 1 for a couple of months.


Thanks to you also for the blog recommendations. I will have to check them out.

In Christ Alone said...

Well, thanks Guy. I guess we just have the same eclectic taste in music. Is that a good thing? :) Anyway, I will accept this honourable mention and try to continue to bring you musical joy and inspiration. There are so many good blogs out there...only 99? I can barely keep up with the few that I check out regularly that usually lead on bunny trails to wonderful places. You are good at this. I recipricate and give you my pick as my favourite M-blog. Always a good place to get me thinking. God bless!

Ken said...


Let me join many others in saying how much I appreciate your posts and missionary perspective. Your stories are great and your insights challenging. I feel honored that you would mention my meager site in your list.

GuyMuse said...


My favorite so far has been the Alison Krauss "A Living Prayer". While I have "99" blogs in my reader, that doesn't mean I read every one everyday. If I am not captured in the first five or so seconds of scanning, I simply go on to the next blog.


Thanks for the kind words. My only wish for you is that you had more time to post more regularly. You have a lot of great things that need attention.

amanda said...

I too wanna say thanks for the mention and nice words.

As a side note. . . someone else had to point out this post to me since your feed has stopped updating in my google reader in April sometime. I thought you'd just quit updating. I don't know where the problem stems from, but thought I'd let you know about it.

amanda said...

Oh, yeah, and my little dog also says thanks for the very kind words.

It made his doggy day!!

Debbie Kaufman said...

Guy: Thank you so much for the mention. I am sincerely honored. I think you and I are both music lovers. Music gets out what I am thinking and feeling sometimes more than writing.

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for the heads-up on the feed problem there. I didn't realize there was a problem. I tried fixing it but don't know if I was successful. Glad I made your doggy's day!


Yes, I am a huge music lover of all styles of music. All my undergraduate and graduate degrees are in music. My dream before retiring is to spend at least a term on the mission field doing music ministry with the churches.