Thursday, July 3

Reggie McNeal on the Church and Kingdom

Reggie McNeal is one S. Baptist that always challenges my thinking. Whether through public speaking, or through his writings, Reggie has a way of pealing away the layers to get to the heart of the matter. In this video he is speaking about two themes close to my heart: the church and the kingdom. If you're not hooked in the first five minutes, you may be excused from the remainder. But I dare you to try and not listen to the whole thing!

I found this Feb/08 conference posted on PhilipEdwards Blog.


Debbie Kaufman said...

Not only was I hooked in the first 5 minutes, but I plan on bookmarking it and listening to it again. This is terrific stuff. It's good news for the Kingdom. I loved listening to what was happening in China, some things I knew and this just added to it. What God is doing there and in other places is just phenomenal.

GuyMuse said...


With so much news these days that tends to discourage, it is indeed uplifting to hear the great things God is doing around the world to bring about His Kingdom.

Alan Paul said...

This is awesome... now the hard question... what are we going to do in response?