Friday, October 31

Why I voted McCain/Palin

We voted absentee last week for McCain/Palin. There are many crucial issues at stake in this year's presidential election: the economy, Iraq-Afghanistan wars, taxes, health care, social security, Iran, foreign policy...but the one issue that towers above all others for us is the right to life of the unborn. With two adopted children, this is a personal issue for our family. I could never vote for someone who is pro choice as is the Obama/Biden ticket. I think the greatest curse over our nation is Roe vs Wade. We will most certainly have to respond to God as a country (we may be doing so already) for our ungodly arrogance of placing ourselves in God's place in deciding who lives and dies.

The Gianna Jessen "Abortion Survivor" story is a powerful testimony illustrating in real human terms what is at stake in continuing to sanction the legal killing of the unborn. If you aren't familiar with this remarkable story you owe it to yourself, family, and church to hear one of the most powerful testimonials on what I believe to be the most important issue facing this country.

For Part 2 of this testimony click here.

Thanks to Amanda for blogging on this.

If interested in further information, videos, etc. there is plenty on the internet...just Google "Gianna Jessen".


Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts. I agree with you and am definitely pro-life. I'm teetering the line on who to vote for right now, though. This is a resource that someone else gave me on the pro-life side related to Obama that might be interesting:

A couple links on the top are "facts on preventing abortion" and "what Obama will do." If this information is all accurate, then Obama may not necessarily be the worst choice in terms of this issue.

Anonymous said...

Hola Guy

Hace mucho tiempo que no comento tus artículos, más aquí estoy, enterándome de cada uno de ellos a través de mi blogroll.

En Argentina estamos lejos de la contienda electoral americana. Sin embargo, parte de mi familia vive en California desde hace más de treinta años. Ellos perciben como una seria amenza moral la probable llegada de Obama a la Presidencia.
Algunos de los argumentos que esgrimen es su tolerancia (será solo demagógica?) a las mal llamadas minorías como abortistas, inmigrantes ilegales, homosexuales, etc.

En fin, ruego a Dios por Estados Unidos. Nada ocurre sin el permiso del Señor.

A propósito, ayer fue el día de la Reorma
¡Felicidades! Con tu labor incribes tu propia página en la Historia de la Iglesia.

Un abrazo fraterno desde Buenos Aires, Argentina
Daniel Dañeiluk

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for stopping by. I checked out the link you reference. If Obama ends up being elected, I would hope what this site says is true and is not "wishful hoping". Even so, I still think McCain/Palin's stance on abortion is much closer to my own.


Estoy de acuerdo con tu familia en California en estar preocupado, pero como dices, nada ocurre sin el permiso de nuestro Dios. Gracias por seguir visitando nuestro blog y te animo seguir adelante con tu propio excelente blog de las biografias.