Sunday, January 11

Nuggets of wisdom we are trying to live by (Part 1)

Be faithful in the little things. God will accomplish much through my small acts of obedience.

Thoughts are sub-conscience prayers. Be aware of what I am praying.

What is not given is lost. Are we hanging on to anything that ought to be given away?

Live off of 70% of what we make. Divide the remaining 30% between Kingdom causes and personal savings/investments. If we can't live within the 70% then we need to adjust our lifestyle. Adjustments are made within the 70%, not the 30% designations.

Never go into debt for anything beyond what I am able to pay off within 2-3 month's time. Any debt should be backed by other existing personal assets before the debt is incurred. Use savings/investments to acquire needed or desired things, not debt.

One negative comment packs more power in someone's life than a dozen positive or uplifting remarks. I need to be very careful how and what I communicate with others. If I can't build someone up, it is better to keep silent rather than using my words to tear down.

Confront problems, hurts, misunderstandings, and mistakes as soon as possible. Don't allow Satan to carry out his agenda of rejection, suffering, division, fear, and pain.

Devote 80% of my time, energy, attention in work/ministry to the 20% who actually "get it" and are seeking to be obedient Kingdom disciples. The remaining 20% of my time, energy, attention in work/ministry for everyone else.

What does God have to say about it? It is not about me deciding everything and doing things as I deem best. If He is Lord, he is lord of ALL, including the things I think I can handle on my own without his input.

This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. This is a choice I have to make daily.

John the Baptist said, "He must increase, but I must decrease." Who is actually increasing/decreasing in my life? Am I moving in the right direction?

Seek first His Kingdom. Does this thing seek to advance my kingdom or His Kingdom?

Charles Swindoll writes that life is 10% what happens and 90% of how I react to it. Am I focusing more on what has happened, or how I am reacting to what has happened?


Steven Owen said...

Thank you!!!!

GuyMuse said...


You're welcome! Which of these "nuggets" did you like or identify with?

Strider said...

Excellent and uplifting thoughts Guy! I agree with all of them- but how often do I live them?

Strider said...

I especially appreciate:
What is not given is lost. Are we hanging on to anything that ought to be given away?
That is one to pay attention to!

Tim Patterson said...


Thank you for sharing. Really good stuff. I needed this today.

SOwen said...

Guy, to be honest I live by the debt nugget. I currently only owe on my house and a van. Everything else is paid off. Plus my wife live off of one income and have 4 kids in school. So we watch what we purchase.
As far as the others I love them all and need to be more focused on them. My friend had told me specifically about the devote 80% nugget as that is where I am struggling right now.
So again thank you for the post.
Steven Owen

GuyMuse said...


I struggled with giving this post a title, not wanting to give the impression that we somehow have figured out how to live these principles. What we do is TRY to live by these nuggets of wisdom!


You're welcome. Any in particular that caught your attention?


Sounds like you part of a minority that seek to live out of debt! Congrats and keep it up!