Tuesday, March 17

Blog madness 2009

Over at SBC Voices there is a fun contest going on for the 2nd Annual SBC Blog Madness 2009. Much to my surprise "The M Blog" is listed in the South Division up against some very good blogs--several of which I read regularly.

Everyone is being encouraged to drum up votes for their blog, so PLEASE VOTE FOR ME in this first round elimination. Click here and vote for the M Blog!


Anonymous said...

Guy, I admitted on my blog that I did vote for you. I really enjoy reading your point of view as a missionary and the things God is doing in Ecuador. Thank you for continuing to write this blog. I've been reading it for three years and you and other missionary blogs have not failed to challenge me, teach me, and give me a bigger heart for missions and missionaries. Just wanted you to know. The fact that you are ahead of me is well... making me rethink my vote during "Blog Madness"(Just kidding.) :)

Anonymous said...

The fact is, that you are ahead of me is well deserved. Keep writing as the Holy Spirit leads, I'll keep reading and be challenged, more educated, and blessed.

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for the kind words. I too have been one of your blog "fans" over the years. Keep up the good writing.