Sunday, April 19

Marilyn Laszlo

I love missionary stories. More often than not, their stories are--at best--heard by a very small segment of the Christian church. Those individuals, ministries and churches with big budgets and access to the media get a lot more attention. But some of the most amazing stories of Christendom are about fellow believers who's names we have never heard, but are well known and talked about in Heaven.

The Marilyn Laszlo story is one of these. I first heard about her life and ministry on the Oh LORD, May You Open Wide Our Hearts! blog of an unknown missionary serving somewhere in ???

To learn more about the Marilyn Laszlo story, here are a couple of books:

Mission Possible.

A is for Airstrip: A Missionary's Jungle Adventure.

Her blog (though a bit in need of updating!) is: Missionary Moment with Marilyn Laszlo.

To hear an audio message by Marilyn click here.

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