Friday, August 14

My mom gets nationally honored for her volunteerism

What do retired missionaries do when they return to the States after 33 years on the mission field? Well, my mom began volunteering at her local pregnancy center in Seguin, Texas.

Of the 1,100 Care Net Pregnancy Centers in the United States, my mom, Pat Muse, was one of only seven honorees to be nationally recognized!

Nominating Muse for the honor was Sandy Haverstick, executive director of the Seguin Pregnancy Center. Haverstick says Muse exemplified the giving nature and examples set by the biblical character of Ruth.

"Pat Muse exemplifies Ruth for the Seguin Pregnancy Center. Pat has been a trained peer counselor for four years. Pat has personally counseled 92 clients in their first visit to the Seguin Pregnancy Center. Of those 92 clients, Pat led 23 women to the Lord," said Haverstick...

Probably the most impressive description of Muse according to Haverstick is her ability to promote the Christian based organization.

"Pat shared the gospel with one of our clients. The client accepted Christ that very day. The client was so impressed with the blessing that she received...she scheduled herself to come the very next week during Pat's shift so that her boyfriend could receive the blessing also. The boyfriend heard the gospel while visiting with his girlfriend from Pat and he too became a Christian. The client and her boyfriend are now the happy parents of a little boy." said Haverstick.

Muse, who remains humble in receiving the award and recognition, says lending a hand to others is two-fold in that she too benefits from the ministry.

"I started volunteering at the Seguin pregnancy center in June of 2005. I just felt that's where God was leading me...Women and girls who have a need in their life to find out if they're pregnant can come out for counseling and a free pregnancy test and we're just glad to be of help to them...For the ladies that are pregnant we just walk through that pregnancy with them and be of help wherever we can...We have a program called earn while you learn, where they can buy most anything their baby needs wiht the points that they earn while they do the studies with us," said Muse...

Muse is expected to be presented with the official award later on this year.
Way to go, mom. We're proud of you!


Grady Bauer said...

That's awesome! I think it's great that she hasn't stopped...she's worthy of the award!

GuyMuse said...

Thanks, Grady. I agree. Now if we can just convince her to go ahead and go to the ceremony to accept the award!

A. Amos Love said...


Sounds like you had a wonderful foundation.
Much to rejoice in. I rejoice with you.

Some thoughts about receiving awards.

“Now if we can just convince her to go ahead
and go to the ceremony to accept the award!”

A place where I fellowshipped
noticed how humble I had become.

They had a big ceremony to honor me and
gave me a beautiful medal for being humble.

And the very next week
they took it away from me
when I wore it.

That’s meant to be a funny story
but there often is some “truth”
in every joke.

I have no idea where your Mom’s
thinking is on this,
but maybe you shouldn’t try
to do too much convincing.

She just might want Jesus to receive all the glory.

You know, It’s no longer I that liveth
but Christ that liveth in me stuff.

Even Jesus said, I receive not honor fom men.

Sounds like she’s a little closer to Him
and a little wiser than most.

I’m pretty sure that one of her greatest rewards
is seeing how you, her son, is walking with and
serving Jesus.

Be blessed in your search for truth...

GuyMuse said...


Yes, I have been blessed with two wonderful parents who set the bar of what it means to be a follower of Christ. Thanks for the kind words.

Wanda said...

Thanks for getting your web site to us. We long to see James and Pat. We have good memories and would like to make some more!

We live in Senoia, GA near our daughter, Melody, and her girls Jennifer and Fawn......and Fawn's two darlings. Boy, age 2 and girl age 10 months old.

Best run...much to do.

Stay in touch,
Wanda & Bobby

PS: Does not surprise me at all about the Award. Pat is a one in a million .

GuyMuse said...


We remember you well. Thanks for stopping by. Mom and dad are doing well. I know they would love to hear from you guys too. Drop me an email (in my profile in the top right side-bar)and I will send you their address and phone.