Thursday, August 27

Think social media are a fad? Think again!


Paul D. Watson said...

Hey Guy!

Great video! I saw it on your Facebook account and ended up posting it on my blog - Figuring out how to combine CPM principles and best practices to expand the Gospel into online communities is the focus of my ministry. We're even training online missionaries to engage lost people online!

-Paul D. Watson

GuyMuse said...


Interesting blog you have. I didn't realize you were in to seeking ways to expand the use of online tech for Gospel purposes. I've added your site to my blog reader to keep up. Maybe I can learn a thing or two!

Jane said...

So you have been afflicted too? I started Sunday night and am slowly on the mend. Whew! I hope you're better. Linda get it, or Anna? You think it was Salitre?
Thanks again for everything. Good to hear about the Vanaza church this past Sunday! God bless you and yours. Jane

GuyMuse said...


Yep. Saturday was the worst day with fever and the "revenge", but went ahead and got up for the Sunday afternoon meeting in Vernaza. What did Mark give you for yours? I finally went to the farmacia this afternoon and they recommended me something to take tomorrow morning! Glad you guys were able to come.