Monday, November 16

Reports on the 2009 Antioch Gathering

There is a growing number of reports of what took place in the October 2009 "Gathering in Antioch."

What follows is a list of those I have run across. If you are aware of others, please include these in the comments so that I might add them to the list.

The Antioch Gathering 2009 by Tall Skinny Kiwi, "The Antioch Gathering last week was one of the most important mission/church event of 2009. It was probably also the least blogged and least photographed church event this year."

Antioch 2009 good summary by Wolfgang and Mercy Simson, "Rather than focusing on strategy issues (facts, numbers, methods) many of us felt God wanted to call together a token group of people in order to share what is on his heart at this decisive hour in the history of Missions."

Antioch-Part 1 and Antioch-Part 2 personal reflections by Linda Muse, "I have a purpose to fulfill in Ecuador and I needed to be there to learn what that was."

Linda's personal photos and descriptions of the gathering can be seen here. Many more were taken of new friends, but for security reasons cannot be viewed publicly.

The Antioch Gathering (Part 1) and The Antioch Gathering (Part 2) report and reflections by Guy Muse, "The gathering was like no other meeting Linda and I ever attended. There was no set schedule, no assigned speakers, no morning devotionals, no singing, and no hot water!"

The Legacy of Antioch by John Piper (though he wasn't there, it is an enlightening article about the Antioch model of church and missions), "The Legacy of Antioch is that it was a mission church that became a sending church through the partnership of Barnabas and Saul, who in the end were sent out by the church to which they were sent."

Antioch 2009: Going back to where it all began by Mike and Leslie,"What we learned from the experience: WAIT AND LISTEN! It is of utmost importance for us to humble ourselves, lay down our organizational agendas and personal kingdom-building, and just listen to God."

Lessons from Antioch by Linda Muse, "If I learned anything at all this week, it was that I am first, and foremost, a citizen of God's Kingdom. I needed to put down my flag and take up the Banner of the Kingdom. I could no longer allow the flag to compete with the kingdom."

Turkey photos taken by Curtis Sergeant in and around the site where we gathered (really awesome pictures!)

Curtis also shares thoughts on various subjects arising out of our time together in Antioch: Parable for the Institutional Church/Missions Effort?, A New Kind of Disciple, The Bible Channel, Travel Back Through Time, and Central Asia, "God reshaped missions here nearly two thousand years ago. I am gathered here with about 70 people to hear from the Lord together about what He might be saying to us in these days about reshaping missions yet again. It seems to be a particularly fitting place to hear from Him about it, given the significant history here."

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