Monday, November 2

The Trip

This past month, October 2-20, Linda and I made a trip to Spain and Turkey. The main reason was to attend the Antioch Gathering Part 1, and Part 2 as blogged on previously.

But there was a lot more to the trip than described in these two posts. Since my wife Linda has already done a good job in describing the trip on her blog A Foreign Life, I will refer to her posts and photos to look through according to your interest.

Madrid where we spent a short two days with our friends the Dixons. Our Madrid photos can be seen here.

Sunday afternoon, Susie dropped us off at the bus stop in Madrid and we went by land to the Granada portion of our trip to visit with our friends the Irwins. Besides the joy of seeing them again, we were able to fill a life time dream of seeing Alhambra. As for all our Granada pics, click here.

From Granada we flew to Barcelona where we stayed with our good friend Chachi from Guayaquil who recently married a Catalán and currently lives just outside of Barcelona with daughter Andrea and husband. See photos here.

After too short of a time in Barcelona we flew back to Madrid and boarded a Turkish Air flight to Antakya (Antioch) in far eastern Turkey. Here we spent seven incredible days. You can read Linda's account of them here and here. Our photos of this time can be viewed here. After viewing our photos, you might also enjoy these superb photos taken by a fellow participant in the gathering.

From Antioch we returned to Istanbul where we were able to see our friends Pete and Allison and their kids, and take in a few of the "must see" sights in this amazing and ancient city.

As you view all of Linda's photos, there are good descriptions which will help to describe the trip and a taste of what we experienced.

Thanks for reading and viewing! Any comments, questions, etc. are welcome.


Dion said...

As always, I love reading your blog. This had to be an amazing trip. I would have loved to have been at Antioch with you as you described it. It's so cool you got to visit with Pablo and Judi in Granada. We got to see them 2 summers ago and loved it there. Keep up the great work.

GuyMuse said...


Yes, it was great seeing Pablo again in Granada (Judi was out of town). Did you make it to Alhambra? We absolutely fell in love with it as well as the rest of the area.