Friday, November 20

Why the emerging global house church movement can no longer be ignored

Andrew Jones links to a report by Wolfgang Simson of the Nov. 11-14th gathering of 200 Christian leaders from 40 nations in New Delhi, India. One of our team members, "Jewel", was invited to this conference in representation of South America and to speak on the significance and scope of house based discipling communities and emerging house church movements worldwide. We are eagerly awaiting her report upon her return to Ecuador later this week. But for now, here is a taste of what God seems to be doing off the radar screen of mainstream Christendom...

Known best from the history of the underground house churches in China that report by now more than 100 million members alone, a similar phenomenon has emerged in the last 15 years in numerous nations outside of China. Conference reports indicate that, from very small beginnings, in many nations fairly sizeable house church movements have emerged, including on the continents of Africa and Latin America. The latest research indicates that the number of house churches in Europe have already reached or surpassed 10,000, Australia could have up to 10,000, and New Zealand up to 6,000 house churches. Research in the US shows that between 6 and 12 million are already attending house churches, making house churches one of the three largest Christian groups in the country. In the case of Bangladesh or India, with many hundreds of thousands of house churches, the various networks of house churches have already become the largest Christian movements in their respective countries.

For the complete report Global House Church Summit Report.pdf

If interested in hearing some more fascinating stuff about what is going on out there listen to this mp3 audio interview with Rad Zdero.

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