Friday, March 26

Our most watched video


Gabe said...

Wow! What a tremendous video. Han sido muchos los anos que no escucho esos canticos en los acentos que son unicos de Guayaquil. Lo que mas me llega es la humilda y la passion que tienen estos preciosos hermanos para Cristo. How I wish that those of the upper class within the same city would humble themselves before God, that He may massively pour out His Spirit upon them as well.


GuyMuse said...


The upper classes are also coming to Christ in great numbers. There are several churches here in Guayaquil that tend to have more of an impact upon this level of society. I pray God continues to use them to reach them as well. My dream is seeing an Ecuador whose knee is bowed to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Gabryel said...


ChosenRebel said...


just read your post on "Stop Planting Churches" and couldn't find a place to comment. Then I found this viedo and thought I would comment here.

Great video. Inspiring brother. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

Your title caught my eye (what every title should do!). It remeinds me of how I start my church planting class every years at the seminary. The students are shocked when there church planting prof hands out the syllabus and tells them that "We are not called to plant churches but to preach or plant the gospel. Do the latter and churches will be the result. Do the former and you could get anything."

Thanks for truth brother. Keep it up. You're a hero.