Saturday, October 30

Firing on the saints

Many years ago, the British Navy arrived on the Atlantic coast near what is now Quebec. They were told to wait until reinforcements arrived and then begin attacking the city. Growing bored with the wait, the commander of the British fleet decided to do a bit of target practice, and so he ordered his gunmen to fire the ships cannons with the goal of destroying all the statues of the saints, which sat on top of a nearby cathedral. By the time reinforcements arrived, most of the ammunition was used up, and there were insufficient military resources for the British to soundly defeat the French. Two hundred years later, Quebec is still a French city, because the British decided to "fire on the saints" instead of the enemy.

--read some time ago on Joel Rainey's blog


Gary Snowden said...

An interesting historical event with some clear applications for believers today. There certainly still is a lot of firing on the saints occurring today as well.

GuyMuse said...


When we waste our time and energy "firing on the saints" we end up without the needed resources for fighting the real enemy. Good lesson for us all.