Wednesday, October 27

Prayer bombs

Before pastoring a church in Texas, Bruce Parsons and family served alongside us as missionaries here in Ecuador. In light of all ongoing media attention being given to Islamic issues in America, my friend writes about a far more effective strategy we who call ourselves Christians could be using with Muslims. Better than bombs or bullets is prayer...

Jesus commanded us to "pray to the Lord of the Harvest, that He send laborers into the harvest." Every time a believer asks God to send more laborers into the harvest, it is done immediately. I pray this daily, and lead my church in praying it when we are together. Our one small church has used this promise to unleash thousands of laborers into the harvest. Imagine what would be happening if every church in America began to pray this prayer, regularly and fervently.

So what does this have to do with bombs? I believe that we at our church are bombarding the kingdom of the evil one with these prayers, which he sees as "weapons of mass destruction." Prayer hits the very foundations of Satan's kingdom. It crumbles the base on which he has built. It destroys his work.

In one way, I, as a Christian, am like these radical Muslims. I believe that there is one true God, and one true way to salvation. I believe that the Christianity that Jesus Himself brought to earth is the only way to God's favor, and that all other religions are wrong. I don't even accept Allah as a true god, but see him as an imposter.

My difference is in my response. I do not believe that it is my job to "kill the infidels." I think it is my joyous obligation to love them, to pray for them, and to ask the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers into Allah's back yard with the truth of the Gospel.

Christ's coming put an end to the edge of the sword. True conversion is not brought about by intimidation or extermination. I desire no one's death...

From my prayer closet, I am bombarding Teheran, Baghdad, Kabul, and Riyadh. I am dropping prayer bombs all over the Middle East that is cloaked in the darkness of deception. I'm also praying for Jerusalem, where Christ is excluded. I'm praying for Pyong Yang, for Calcutta, for Moscow, for Shanghai, and for Manila. I am an equal-opportunity bomber. I am dropping prayer bombs on New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami. I am also remembering small communities, and I have dropped bombs in my own neighborhood.

One well-said prayer, in accordance with God's will, can do infinitely more than bombs, bullets, or ballots. We need to bombard the strongholds of Satan in our world, whether it's on the other side of the world, or in our own backyard.
I whole-heartedly agree with Bruce. But are we using this powerful spiritual weapon as given to us by our Lord? How effective is prayer? Is praying the Lord of the Harvest for laborers just church talk, or does it really "bomb Teheran"?


Anonymous said...

A great word from one of my best friends. It has been my joy for years to pray for the Tuareg, Qashqai and others.

GuyMuse said...


It is hard praying for people and nations that seem so distant and remote from us. I find it a challenge, and yet it is the best way we can effect change if we will JUST DO IT and not lose heart. Thanks for your faithful praying for peoples that most of us have never even heard of...and thanks again Bruce for challenging us all to take seriously Christ's command to "pray the Lord of the Harvest..."