Thursday, December 23

Unto the least of these

Pedro* was the key leader of our growing network of house churches in the Taura area. He and his brother, Gustavo* had faithfully made the weekly bus trips into Guayaquil for training. Soon along the banks of the Bulubulu River several new believers were baptized, and there were several outreach groups and house churches meeting weekly.

Last year Pedro was tending his mango trees when a poisonous snake bit him. His 10-year old son found him dead by the side of a tree. Pedro went to be with the Lord, leaving behind his wife Clara* and nine children. Such a tragedy. Of all the people who might have been bitten by a snake and die, why did it have to be Pedro?

Pedro & Clara w/7 of their 9 children
Fast forward a year later. Yesterday I received a telephone call from one of Clara's daughters. She was asking if I might be able to contribute towards helping them out this Christmas. Immediately I assumed she was asking for help for her mother and siblings so that they would at least have something to eat this Christmas. However, I was wrong in my assumption. What they were planning was a Christmas party for all the children of the community along the Bulubulu River--not for themselves. Could I help with the cost of some small toys and possibly enough to provide each child a small bag of candy and cookies?

Here is someone who has every right to be asking for help and receiving it. Yet she was not asking for herself or for her children. Clara was thinking of all those other children in her community who would have nothing unless she did something about it.

Children playing in the Bulubulu River
This morning, my son and I met Clara at the bus terminal. She had brought along two of her children to assist her in carrying the purchases they would make in town. We gave her five $20 bills for toys and goodies bags, and she in turn, gave us a giant sack of beautiful mangoes from the trees her husband tended until his death. She was excited to be able to now go buy something special for the kids along the Bulubulu. As we said good-bye Clara gave us a big hug and kiss on the check.

Clara has understood the words of Jesus, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.'  When we think of others first above ourselves, we have done it unto HimIsn't that what Christ did for us at Christmas? His first thought was not for himself. He willingly chose to leave Heaven, come to earth, and give his life so that we might have life.


*not real name


Kevin, Somewhere in Southern America said...

Merry Christmas, beloved brother, to you and yours! Thanks for your faithfulness.

GuyMuse said...


Just getting back from a family trip, but wanted to say FELIZ AÑO to you and thanks for your friendship over the years. Keep your eyes on Jesus.