Monday, January 10

New Year's resolutions

Many of us, including myself, use the beginning of the new year for setting goals for losing a few pounds, or getting out of debt. For others taking a needed and deserved vacation somewhere, or buying new furniture and carpet for the den is deemed a worthy goal to pursue during the new year.

But contrary to what many of us might think of as worthy ideals and goals, I have been humbled in the past few days with the responses shared by my Ecuadorian brothers in Christ about what they are sensing the Lord is laying on their hearts to do in 2011.

Here are a few that caught my attention as they were voiced over the past few days...
  • with the Lord's help, I would like to plant 20 new churches this year
  • begin a children's ministry in our community
  • travel as many weekends as it takes out into the neighboring province until a church is planted
  • with the Lord's help, plant 10 new churches this year
  • stop talking about evangelism and start evangelizing each of my lost family and friends
  • open a training center in my barrio to equip pastors
  • equip everyone in our house church to start at least one other house church
  • two things we want to do all year long: fast/pray for the lost, evangelize those we are praying for
  • buy a piece of property out in the jungle so that a multi-use structure can be built for the Indians coming in to town to have a place to stay while being trained/discipled
  • save enough money to be able to go to Haiti this year and help with the reconstruction

Mind you, none of the above are coming from full-time, paid, professional Christian workers. All are from what is commonly referred to as 'lay' people with secular jobs, families to support, and no Bible college or seminary classes. Just people who understand that their Master said, go and that means them, not someone else.

So, what are your New Year's goals for 2011?


Timothy said...

would be interested in hearing more information about the building in the jungle, where, with/for what tribe(s), and if there is anything that can be done to help... do you already have contacts, disciples in the jungle?

Timothy said...

great resolutions... will be praying that they are carried out, would love to hear the results, your ecuadorian brother in the Lord... Timo¨santiago¨

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for stopping by and for the comments. Our house churches help support a couple they sent out as missionaries with an unreached tribe in the Amazon basin. So yes, our disciples are now making disciples in the jungle. If you are interested in more details email me guy[_]muse[@]yahoo[dot]com (ignore the brackets when writing).