Thursday, February 24

Christchurch earthquake

I am certainly not the first to notice the spiritual implications in the recent earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

As tragic as this event is, could the Christchurch earthquake be a true prophetic warning for Christ's Church? The physical and material devastation is one thing, but could God also be trying to say something to His Church?

I believe it is inevitable that very soon the church, as we know it, will be shaken not by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, but by the very hand of God himself. Extreme opinion you might say. Yes. But how long can Christ's Church continue to be Man's Church? How long can one get away with ignoring God's Word, the Spirit's warnings, prophetic words, signs--not to mention sin, waste, inefficiency, empire building, disobedience, indifference to a lost world...and there not be consequences?

Arising out of the dust and fallen stones will be a new church. This re-reformed church will be the one the Spirit will use to bring in the final great harvest of souls before the end.

I envision a much leaner, smaller, simpler, rugged, lighter, faster, economical, efficient, and mobile church.

If it is indeed true that this pared down version of church-as-we-know-it will be God's primary instrument to bring the nations unto himself, why aren't we in full swing right now to work with Him to bring about these known changes that are needed?

While in no way do we diminish the real suffering and devastation of the Christchurch earthquake, I find within this tragedy a renewed hope that Jesus is not indifferent to the state of His Church today. I believe more than ever that major changes are ahead for Christ's Church. It is possible that these changes will take place after some kind of major earthquake reduces to dust and rubble the current institution we call 'church.'

This is one post that I hope I am wrong.

God have mercy.
Christ have mercy.
Lord have mercy on us all.


Bruce Dickey said...

Last May I was privileged to be part of a team working in Grand Goave Haiti. We landed in Port Au Prince, made our way through the quake stricken area past the Presidential Palace in ruins. There was a main church too there that looked much like this one in Christchurch NZ.

The loss of life in Haiti compared to New Zealand is a thousand to one. Simply looking at the faces of many Haitians, it was easy to see the hopelessness, and despair in their eyes. Their poor nation is still in tatters today.

Yes, these natural disasters make us stop and wonder, and imagine, all the forces at work here. We have to consider the plight of the people, their spiritual condition. These disasters highlight the need to do for others what they cannot do for themselves. We can start by praying, we can begin by going, and then it is necessary to tell the stories of what we find.

Thanks for the article Guy, thanks for making us stop to think, and hopefully, pray. Bruce

Aussie John said...


Like Christchurch, the church, as we have known it, has a faultline running underneath it.

Like Christchurch, it will reap the natural outcome of that faultline.

It is described in 1John 2:16.

Anonymous said...

I think you've made a good point there. This is a bad earthquake but there have been worse ones in recent years. Yet for some reason this one is seems to be hitting me harder. Maybe it's seeing the builds destroyed and the devastation in a place that could be any city in the UK. The environment is more familiar.

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J. Guy Muse said...


Thanks for your comment. I too think that disasters cause us to pause and reflect upon what God might be trying to say. I don't think we are talking about God judging a particular nation or city, as much as it might be spurring on those who claim to be his followers to make sure we are aligned with his purposes.

Aussie John,

Interesting observation about the fault lines running beneath and reaping the natural outcomes.


Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I agree, these tragedies seem to be brought home more vividly when they happen in developed countries.

M. said...

First of all, I would like to state that a Church isn't a building..

But anywho. I do believe that this is to do with everything the bible has said.

How natural disasters will get worse etc as we get closer to the end, sounds silly tosay, but it appears that it's constantly growing worse, disaster after disaster.

I believe man should stop being so selfish and actually have compassion for each other, this could be a sign that we need to pray for each other, more than ever.
And I hope people soon realise it's not about the buildings, it's about the Lord and the people who believe and have faith in God.

God bless us all.

J. Guy Muse said...


Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. I fully agree that a Church is not a building. The Church is God's people. It may be that a shaken Christ's Church (not any buildings) may be what is needed for Her to become that needed compassionate people who bring hope to a world coming to an end by proclaiming that solamente en Cristo, solamente en El, la salvacion se encuentra en El... (only in Jesus, only in Him, salvation is found in Him...)

Mark Graham said...

bollocks. You cannot link a natural disaster to the whim of God. These things happen for a reason and there's no analogy to be drawn except by those looking to create links that aren't there.

J. Guy Muse said...


Thank you for stopping by and for the comment. My intent was not in any way to link the natural disaster with God's judgement upon that city. What I was trying to convey is the symbolism that might be present in the name Christchurch with Christ's Church. My point is that we--Christ's Church--shouldn't be surprised if shaken with some kind of spiritual earthquake.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing this. I sadly agree that this could be seen as a prophetic picture of the state and future of Man's Church, made in Man's image. The cry on my heart too is for the Lord to have mercy, and that many eyes would be opened to see Him as He really is, and would come to know Him as really is.

Bless you, and your household for your faithfulness to His calling.

J. Guy Muse said...


Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Dios te bendiga!

Anonymous said...

I got to thinking tonite after reading something. You said it! a symbol, a wake up call that is so obvious that it is totaly missed. Can i encourage you to read something? It's up to you to consider it as truth or not. I will not lead you to what subject to read or study, but i will say that there is moments of definition. Defining what took place at this church. I am very sorry about what has happened also. To be honest, i live in Ca.I dont even remember any stories, brodcasts or anyone talking about this earthquake. Then, i see only 10 comments on your post. Could you please give me your opinion on that? Thank you my friend.


Bev Bee said...

Throughout Jesus' ministry, He taught by parables. Parables were stories relating particularly to the people & the culture of that time with a spiritual counterpart to teach Kingdom principles. I agree that natural disasters can have spiritual meanings... first the natural then the spiritual.