Friday, March 3

You pray...and God answers!

Hello today from the Muses in hot, rainy, muggy Guayaquil. We are in the middle of our invierno (winter) the hottest and most miserable time of the year!

We recently completed our 2005 annual evaluation of the work year and wanted to share with you--our prayer faithful partners--what your interceding resulted in last year.

Rejoice and give thanks to the Lord for the following highlights:

307 baptisms
31 new churches started
44 new outreach groups (groups on their way to becoming churches)
1641 average weekly attendance in more than 101 house churches
3:1 baptism ratio (the number of believers it takes to baptize a new convert--compare this with the 44:1 ratio in the SBC!)

We give Him all the praise and glory for what he continues to do in our midst. Your prayers are indeed being heard by the Father who wants "all men to be saved" and come to the knowledge of the truth. Thank you for standing by us with your praying!

TELEAMIGO. Many of you have prayed over the years for the Teleamigo couseling ministry. In the past 13 years there have been over 2- million evangelistic contacts. Each month dozens of people are ministered to and the Gospel shared. Recently the ministry has been going through some difficult days financially and in need of new counselors to take the place of older ones who no longer are with the ministry. Please pray that God's hand of blessing would continue upon Teleamigo and for God's provision with all their needs.

BIRON. Biron is a young man who from his wheel chair has begun an evangelistic outreach to street kids and gangs in one of the roughtest parts of the city. It is a difficult ministry with many ups and downs. Please pray that God would continue to give him the encouragement and perseverance to work with these youth and win them to the Lord. This past month five more were baptized. They are continually winning new youth through the three cells that make up the church that meets at Biron's house.


Baptistfundi said...

I praise God for what is still happening in Guayaquil!

Please pray that some of that magic rubs off on the rest of us!!

RMc said...

Those kinds of results are amazing and humbling at the same time! He is good, and does His work where and when He will.