Thursday, October 26

Our vision and strategy

Our missionary church planting team is known as the "Guayas Mestizo Team." Guayas is the largest province in Ecuador and Guayaquil is the largest city. The GMT is responsible for a church planting strategy for winning Guayas province to Christ. There are some 3.3-million people we feel God has entrusted to us and for whom we are spiritually responsible (yes, we feel the heavy load on our shoulders!)

Our vision statement is:

"Win and disciple to Christ 500,000 people
living in Guayas in the coming five years."

With the Lord's help, guidance, and empowering, how does our little "band of survivors" envision reaching all 500,000 (15% of our province) for Christ?

Christ said, "I will build my church." We understand Jesus himself is responsible for building his church. We also understand that we are only a small part of His Church here in Guayas and that He will certainly use others as well to bring about the coming of His Kingdom in this part of the world. But 500,000 is our assigned portion of the task!

Our role? To go, make disciples, baptize, and teach these new disciples to observe all that Christ commanded.

There are four things we feel will help us maintain our focus on the entrusted task...

1) Pray the Lord of the Harvest to keep sending laborers into the harvest fields of Guayas province. (Luke 10:2b)

2) Every single church in our informal network of house churches planting at least one new church every year (we would expect at least 10 baptisms from each new church plant.)

3) Every single believer winning and discipling at least four people every year.

4) Continuing this process for the next five years until we reach our goal of 500,000.

It's that simple! See below the multiplication effects that will take place if we will simply focus on the above four objectives...

2006-50 churches planting 1 new church/yr, w/10 baptisms=500 new believers
and 500 disciples, each winning/discipling 4/yr = 2000 new believers

2007-100 churches planting 1 new church/yr, w/10 baptisms=1000 new believers
and 2000 disciples, each winning/discipling 4/yr = 8000 new believers

2008-200 churches planting 1 new church/yr, w/10 baptisms=2000 new believers
and 8000 disciples, each winning/discipling 4/yr = 32,000 new believers

2009-400 churches planting 1 new church/yr, w/10 baptisms=4000 new believers
and 32,000 disciples, each winning/discipling 4/yr = 128,000 new believers

2010-800 churches planting 1 new church/yr, w/10 baptisms=8000 new believers
and 128,000 disciples, each winning/discipling 4/yr =
512,000 new believers!

Can it really be done? We believe so! Why complicate matters when it really boils down to every church starting one new church and each of us winning/discipling four new people to Christ over a year's time? It really is that simple! The million-dollar question becomes, can we maintain our focus and not become distracted from the task with everything else going on around us?

Will you passionately pray with us to see this vision become a reality over the upcoming five years? Why not stop RIGHT NOW and pray for this to happen!


David Rogers said...

I love the balance of humility and vision you express when you say:

"We understand Jesus himself is responsible for building his church. We also understand that we are only a small part of His Church here in Guayas and that He will certainly use others as well to bring about the coming of His Kingdom in this part of the world. But 500,000 is our assigned portion of the task!"

I have prayed that God's anointing will be on you and those among whom you minister in a very special way in these next five years.

GuyMuse said...

DAVID--thanks for the comment and encouragement. We would appreciate all your prayers for a meeting we are having tomorrow with house church leaders to rekindle this vision in our midst. One thing I have learned is how quickly a vision fades with our people and how often the vision must be restirred in people's hearts to stay on track. We wouldn't be here unless we really believed this is what God is leading us to do.

Anonymous said...


May you fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith. FOCUS is a word we use over and over again in our house. First things first, second things second, and third things third. Distractions, good and bad, keep us from staying close to Jesus, and prevent us from doing what He has asked us to do. I will pray that you do away with all things that distract you from the vision.

Adelante vos,


Debbie said...

I am always so glad when you post things we can specifically pray for and to show us what all your work entails. I am praying for you Guy and will always be grateful for the day you posted that one post on praying. It totally changed how I pray for missionaries.

GuyMuse said...

ESTEBAN--Focus is indeed one of the most difficult challenges all of us face in ministry. There is so much good out there going on that distracts from God's best and His calling on our life.

DEBBIE--I was sorry to hear about your grandfather passing away. May the grace of our Lord cover you and your family these days. I'd be interested in knowing what we said that changed how you pray for missionaries so that we can use it more often to get others to pray more seriously for missionaries as well.

antonio said...

That's an awesome vision. I'll share this when I finally get to go home for stateside. "Focus" is definately our weakness here and it is easy to be discouraged. I have to remind myself every day that GOD IS IN CONTROL! God bless on your vision.

GuyMuse said...

ANTONIO--We are meeting tomorrow morning with several hc leaders. One of the things we are going to talk about is focusing on the task long-term. It is so easy to do something for a while and then move on to something else newer, brighter, shinier. I believe this is one of Satan's most effective tactics is to keep God's children chasing something new all the time. We need to clearly understand what it is He is leading us to do, and then stick to it until it is accomplished--count the cost, Jesus tells us, before jumping in to do something.

Ken Sorrell said...


Greetings from Guadalajara. Great vision! I pray that the Lord will bless your efforts even greater than you can calculate on paper.

I hope to be able to get back into the conversation loop soon. A lot of neat things happening that I will soon be posting about.

Paul Burleson said...


I'm home in my office, in front of my PC, after several weeks away. But I certainly haven't been away from the Throne Room. As I've said to several this morning, you've been prayed for just not informed of that fact.

The report, goals, and requests are noted and I'm thrilled for the work. All of your family and ministry will be prayed for with some regularity as always.


Paul B.

Rick Carr said...

This is the first time I've read your vision/strategy statement. Of course, from things I've posted in the past on the house church discussion list & in our personal e-mails, you gotta know I love it! But, I want you to know I was also inspired by it. Inspired to pray afresh for you and your ministry. Inspired to pray for my own city and the ministry He may open to us here.
Blessings on you & yours,
Rick C.