Wednesday, March 5

Ecuador flooding

The heavy winter rains have brought flooding to 3/4 of the coast of Ecuador. Over 4-million people are without work or food, their homes under water, crops destroyed, and live stock dying for lack of food.

This past week we were able to draw upon Disaster Relief Funds from the International Mission Board to purchase food, rubber boots, water, medicine and other emergency needs, to help in some of the hardest hit areas of Yaguachi, Vinces, Babahoyo, Taura, and Montalvo. We have urgent requests for Quevedo, Milagro, Salitre, Machala still pending. As reports come in daily from those working with us, most report the help they were able to give was the first received. One of the most difficult things our people are experiencing is running out of supplies to give and having to turn away hungry families with sick children.

To see more photos of the flooding, click on my wife's blog HERE.

Doug Cherry is bringing in a volunteer team March 6-16 from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Please pray that God would use this team greatly as they seek to share Christ and work with us in areas impacted by the flooding, and where new works are trying to be started in the midst of much suffering and loss.

Thank you for keeping us in your daily prayers. Even as I type, the rains continue to pour down. If you should feel led of the Lord to not only pray for this crisis, but to give to the relief efforts going on in Ecuador, you can make a donation directly at the IMB website here.


Strider said...

We are praying for you and your team Guy. I pray that your team and especially the local church use this opportunity to minister to thousands in Jesus name.

GuyMuse said...


I wish I had you here with us these days to draw from your experience in these kinds of disaster relief situations. Thanks for the prayers.