Saturday, March 15

More Ecuador flood relief photos (Salitre)

It is one thing to see photos and view news clips, and quite another to be out amongst those who are living through the flooding which has 3/4 of the coast of Ecuador under water and 4-million people without work, food, water, and having lost nearly everything they own.

Yesterday we went out to Salitre, one of the flooded areas with a group of students on a missions trip from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Please click on this link and then click "Slide Show" to view. The devastation is overwhelming. Yesterday we were out five hours going from house to house in a remote part of the rural countryside. Today Linda and Joshua, along with the volunteers, and several from our house churches have gone out to continue where we left off.

If you should feel led of the Lord to not only pray for this crisis, but to give to the relief efforts going on in Ecuador, you can make a donation directly at the IMB website here.


Frank (or Chip) said...

Guy, thanks for the update on the flooding. Last year in SL, I was real impressed with the heart of our leadership saying basically, "go do the right thing."

On what may seem to be a trivial note, I thought I would beat our friend Ed to the punch. The great and mighty city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ends in an "h." It is the only city in the United States to have that distinction. Years ago, the Post Office convinced all other burgs and burghs to standardize to the h-less ending. All but THE Burgh, that is.

I am sure that you knew this but with all of the flooding, one can become distracted.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, Pennsylvania (along with MA, VA and KY) is a Commonwealth and not a State.


GuyMuse said...

Frank (or Chip),

Linda and Josh went out yesterday and helped lay down bamboo flooring on two different houses that were just sitting over the water without a floor. There is so much need all over the coast.

As you can see I have corrected the spelling. I don't want to "quedar mal" with PITTSBURGHers! :)