Saturday, March 1

Strategy Coordinator Churches

Tim Patterson often writes on characteristics of the future missionary church. For example, The missionary church of the future will have a comprehensive strategy for making disciples of all nations...
One of the innovative strategies among IMB partner churches is known as the Strategy Coordinator Church. This strategy calls on a local stateside church to become "the missionary" for an unreached people group.

IMB personnel facilitate training, some logistics and mentoring... as the SC church plans and implements a missionary strategy to initiate a church planting movement among their focus people group. The SC church must be willing to do whatever it takes for the gospel to be accessible by all among their focus people.

The SC church will develop prayer/advocacy networks, utilize appropriate media to communicate the gospel, train reproducing indigenous disciples to plant reproducing indigenous churches, provide for indigenous leadership training, and facilitate indigenous structures/platforms that will help to expand the kingdom. The SC church involves the whole church in the mission, including those that will never visit the people group but will pray, give and advocate for them. The SC church may even send a long-term missionary or missionary team to live among the people, as the Lord leads.

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of this model for mission. However, the SC church model is a step in the right direction... mobilizing the church to be directly involved in Great Commission missions, and not giving up that responsibility to a missionary agency or institution. Also, this strategy involves the church in the main role of missionary work... making disciples, planting churches, training leaders... and does not allow the church to settle for a support role on the sidelines.
The Guayas Mestizo Team is looking to partner with Strategy Coordinator Churches. There are 25 cantones (counties) in Guayas province. Most are unreached/under-reached with only a small evangelical community at best in some of them. We would ask you to prayerfully consider contacting us about adopting one of the Guayas cantones as a SC church. If you feel your heart pumping a bit faster after reading this, click on our Guayas Cantones For Christ for more details.


Burkhalter Ministry said...

I'm interested...what's next?

GuyMuse said...


Click here for more details, and then email me, and I will send you a copy of the project.

John said...

GO Travis! I'll be praying that God speaks to you about his will for you in this.

GuyMuse said...


How about joining up with Travis and praying about what God might want you guys to do along with him?

John said...

I will certainly pray. I really don't know what I could bring to something like that, but I will certainly pray.