Friday, June 5

The pineapple story

Remember the pineapple story about the missionary to New Guinea who kept getting his pineapples stolen? Like many others, I was first introduced to this remarkable story through one of the Bill Gothard, Institutes of Basic Youth Conflicts back in the 70's.

I had always assumed the story was fictional to illustrate some of the spiritual truths being taught at the seminars. Recently a friend emailed me a website where the "real" New Guinea missionary, Otto Koning, shares what happened through this preserved video recording.

If you like stories that are hilariously funny, challenge your thinking, inspiring, full of adventure, deep spiritual lessons, cross-cultural insights, and offer descriptions of everyday life on the mission field, you'll love taking a few minutes to hear Bro. Otto's testimony. I guarantee this beats anything you'll watch on TV this weekend, so enjoy, and feel free to share any thoughts you might have.

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cherylcigoy said...

I saw the Pineapple Story years ago. The honest reactions to the unusual situation were a blessing and a laugh. I'd like to get my own copy. Are any for sale?
Thanks You