Thursday, June 25

Unsung heroes: José and Adriana Salazar

I have never understood why movie stars, politicians and athletes get so much attention, while true heroes--like José and Adriana Salazar--who have given their lives in sacrificial, selfless giving for others, live their lives as unknowns and off the world's radar screen.

Michael Jackson dies and every follower of Christ tunes in for the details. But great ongoing Kingdom stories, like the Salazar's, go virtually unknown and are passed over in favor of supposedly more "exciting" stories (SBC politics? Wayward SC governors and their affairs?) Are these things really more interesting or exciting to us than true stories taking place in God's Kingdom? If so, what does this say about who we are as followers of Christ?

The short version of the Salazar story began several years ago when José, a medical doctor, and his wife began noticing the abandoned elderly wandering the streets of Guayaquil. The couple watched in horror as these sick, malnourished people would eat out of garbage piles and sleep on the dirty and dangerous city streets.

One day they decided to bring home one of these wandering homeless elderly. After a bath, a good meal, a physical examination, and some clean clothes, José and Adriana realized there was no way they could just return him to the streets. So they continued to treat him like one of the family. Before long they had 40 abandoned elderly living in their home and found themselves with more than their hands full!

It has not been easy with a family this large. Caring for them physically, emotionally and spiritually has been quite a task! Everything is dependent upon God's supply and provision! Each of the current 70 family members (as they are referred to) are showered daily with love, care, and attention until the day they die. Most of the those taken in from the streets quickly give their hearts to Jesus and follow in believer's baptism. For the Salazars, church is a 24/7 love operation with daily breaking of bread together, fellowship, and teaching of God's Word! We have personally witnessed many of these baptisms which are done in a bathtub (see video below.)

My wife, Linda, did a great job blogging on the Salazars a few days ago. She has included several photos of last Saturday's Father's Day celebration. To encourage you to click and read, here is a "teaser" from her latest post...
Once the government came in and told him that he was not fulfilling the requirements and restrictions for having an "old folks home" in his home and that he would have just a few days to close it down and move all the people out. Jose prayed and within a week there was a coup that brought in a new government (coincidence?).
Last week I put together the following video/slideshow of some photos José sent me of the ministry.


Greg Bailey said...

Very cool Guy! Faith in action. I posted this to my Facebook to encourage my other "friends". I appreciate you sharing what God is doing in Ecuador. Blessings.

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for sharing this story with your FB friends. There is such a sense of peace and love of the Lord when one visits the "old folks" home. Such a contrast to the cruel outside world from which these dear people are rescued.

Strider said...

Hey, did you hear about Farrah Fawcett? Just kidding.
Yes, these are the Kingdom stories we will be telling forever to the glory of God. This is a good one that I will look forward to hearing repeated by those involved!

TKB said...

What a beautiful expression of God's love...thanks for sharing this story!

GuyMuse said...

Strider and Beth,

Thanks for stopping by and for the comments. I just returned from a weekend out on the coast with a whole bunch of Kingdom guys just like the Salazars. It is a humbling experience being around these kinds of people who are out there doing what so many of us are just talking about!