Thursday, January 14

Haiti Earthquake Relief Giving

All of us have been saddened by the earthquake tragedy in Haiti. Seeing the images on TV makes one wants to reach out and do something to help. One excellent way is through the IMB and Baptist Global Response. Click HERE to make a safe, online donation with your credit card.

Details of how your money will be used and how it will be coordinated through the various cooperating SBC agencies can be read here.

In the past, we have been recipients of disaster relief funds and can vouch for the effective use of these funds by missionaries and BGR workers who through local contacts in the affected areas, like pastors, churches, and key community leaders, are able to get the help to where it is most needed without all the red tape that often accompanies efforts to help in disaster situations.

Two years ago, the coast of Ecuador was severely flooded. Our team was given immediate access to funds which went directly to some of the hardest hit people whom nobody else was helping. We used our local contacts and were able to canoe into these hard hit areas and provide basic food supplies and drinking water as shown in the video.

Give to the Haiti Earthquake Relief. We have done so as a family. Every bit counts. I remember in the flood relief below, how many houses we went by with children begging for anything, and we had already run out of everything we had been able to purchase. I wished then that somebody would have just given at least $5 more which would have fed at least one more family for several days. Give today.

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