Saturday, January 16

Rescue the perishing

Convicting prophetic vision given to William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army.

As sad and horrifying as is the Haiti Earthquake tragedy, every day an equal number of people pass into a Christless eternity while we go about "business as usual."

Thanks to Erich Bridges for pointing us to this video.


Gabe said...

After years of being edified and encouraged by reading your blog, together with all the stuff I've learned about Internet Marketing. I've felt compelled to join the blogosphere. I have countless stories of evangelizing to the lost, some quite extraordinary. What better way to reach the world for Christ and encourage other believers to share their faith. Thanks for being an inspiration. Great video on William Booth!

Tu Hermano en Cristo,


BTW - Tomorrow my wife and little daughter and I will be marching in the silent Justice March here in Houston against the second largest abortion clinic in the world that planned parenthood is trying to lift up. Please pray that God would grant us victory.

GuyMuse said...


Go for it! I know you have a lot of good things to share, and look forward to reading what is on your heart.

We stand in solidarity with you in the silent Justice March. Abortion is a terrible noose around the neck of the USA killing us as a nation. Even as I write this, I am listening to the MLK "I Have a Dream" speech. So much of what he says applies to the abortion issue as well.