Wednesday, February 17

Apostolic challenges

Bob Roberts recently shared some thoughts related to apostolic challenges which I found helpful. What do you think about what Bob shares? Agree? Disagree? I have stated a couple of differences in italics, but overall, this is a good piece in my opinion.


Apostolic is not:
  • The original 12
  • A Spiritual gift [I would disagree with him about this one not being apostolic]
  • A position in the church
  • Not necessarily a large church pastor
  • Not necessarily a high profile pastor or church leader
Apostolic is:
  • Big Picture Perspective
  • Future Oriented
  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Pioneering
  • Multiplying
  • Connecting
  • Releasing
  • Leadership that calls to action and inspires
  • Modeling
  • A Leadership model & role in the church, recognized or not
  • [I would add to this list "empowering others" to go out and do]
Apostolic Challenges:
Communicating what you sense and where you see God leading. Because it’s fresh and intuitive and you’re not even sure where all it will take you, getting words and vocabulary around it can be hard, BUT, you must communicate immediately the stories. Stories communicate and drive more than processes and systems. To keep your people with you and moving forward - tell the story again and again and again. You can move forward without a system - albeit slowly - you cannot move forward without the story of God calling and working. The Old Testament is living proof of that.
Keeping people up to speed with you. You’re not an engineer, a programmer, a systems person - which is really easy for people to follow, but not necessarily as impactful. Apostolic leaders tend to submerge themselves in what they begin to see and learn so books, relationships, ideas all start flowing really fast. There will always be tension at moving forward and keeping people up to speed with you. Visionary leadership at its core is calling people to a future.
Building a staff and partners that see the direction, are excited about it, then can build the systems and processes to help you move forward. I’m convinced, for an apostolic pastor - not only is that pastor uniquely gifted - but the staff surrounding them must also be uniquely gifted. If not, they’ll grind things to a halt because they have to have all the answers - and that’s simply not the way an apostolic leader operates and sees, neither is it the way movements happen. Apostolic leaders are not driven by a book, concept, or process - but a vision, an idea, an impression with a sense this is going somewhere.
Keeping the big idea in front of and not traveling down all the different streams of a big undiscovered area. Stay in the main stream of this uncharted river you’ve found. There’s time to come back later and hit some of the tributaries, or send others back to discover. Some of the best stuff is down those tributaries, but if you don’t map the main thing first, along with where the tributaries are, you’ll never get to the core of the idea.


Gabe said...


I wonder if there's a difference between (1) a gift of apostleship and (2) being apostolic?

If my understanding's right, apostle means "sent one". In that sense all Christ-followers are to be apostolic which isn't a spiritual gift, per se, but more of method or mindset of always advancing, always moving forward.

That said, there certainly is a gift of apostleship (for lack of a better term) which would be someone's spiritual gift.

Just thinking out loud. Thanks for posting this. Gabe

GuyMuse said...


Your "thinking out loud" sounds pretty sound to me. Thanks for the thought.