Monday, February 15

Stuff spinning around in my head these days

The "M Blog" is described as one missionary's thoughts, experiences and lessons learned. What goes on in the head of a missionary-church planting strategist? I can't speak for fellow M's, but can share the kinds of disjointed work-related thoughts that are bouncing around in my head these days...

  • wanting to restart in our home a house church to test some of the new concepts we are currently using in our training...problem is, we don't have a free night during the week
  • Neil Cole's new book, "Church 3.0" and how some of his thoughts might be integrated into what we are currently doing
  • how to personally contact the 100+ people we are currently training to encourage them and show interest in the details of their new church starts
  • identify key people who we can pour ourselves into to help us train a second wave of 100 church planters who are already in the wings waiting
  • how to raise badly needed money to finance the multiple missions/church planting projects going on, and yet doing so without creating dependency
  • ideas for fine-tuning our current nightly training sessions
  • the need to make time for more quiet, uninterrupted prayer and listening to God
  • planning a weekend retreat with the team to do a crash course in using the new training materials; who needs to be there, where to go, what dates, how to pay for it all
  • desperately needing to sit down with several key leaders to talk doctrinal issues and concerns and clear some of the piling up debris and misconceptions
  • setting up March, April, and May meetings with key leaders out in the coastal provinces
  • keeping the ten2b prayer virus alive and spreading
  • the kind of leaders we need, and the kind of leader I need to be to others
  • urgent "To Do" list: multiple print jobs needing done yesterday, burning 1500 music CDs for trainees, finding someone who can fix the broken copier and video projector
  • finding time to make all the pending phone calls and visits
  • all the stuff pending around the house, emails needing responses
  • planning this week's CP training out in the Galapagos Islands
  • sitting down with the host of the Alcance Ecuador TV show to plan a series of upcoming TV interviews, and suggesting we use an assortment of the people currently being trained in starting simple churches as those we interview
So, who cares about the kinds of things circulating within this particular M's head? Where is all of this leading? What is the point?

Proverbs 27:3 "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” We are what we think about. Kind of scary, huh?

I share all of this to say, for me, blogging helps order my thoughts. Writing is a valuable tool helping me connect random ideas into more meaningful and effective ministry. Loose ends--like those described above--often have a way of eventually coming together as blog posts. Clarity comes as I struggle to put something down in writing.

What kinds of things are spinning around in your head? Maybe I'll add them to my own list above!


administrator said...

Hi Guy,
I can sure relate. The things you are thinking through sound similar to things we are sorting out here in the Russian-speaking world.
Thanks so much for continuing to share your heart. I learn a lot from you.
Kiev, Ukraine

GuyMuse said...


Thanks for the kind words. I trust things are going well with you there in Russia. I would think it harder where you are than here, but I guess everybody has issues regardless of where they are living!